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cant keep food down

Hi every one can any of you help me Ive gone off food in big way I simply cant face food and when eat dont seem to be able to keep it down is this a lupus thing ?as a rule I enjoy my food though Im not a big eater but right now Im forcing myself to eat and struggling to keep anything down.

My community try to be supportive but are lost for ways in which to help and are understandable worried they wont the best for me as I do in the past Ive had buildup soups and hated them and in the didnt eat them this keeps happening Im fine for months and then we start this again.

If any of you have any ideas or can give advice Im your friend for life

Best of luck Judith

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Hi Judith? you suffer with digestive issues?...I found eating very mild foods..eating them reeally slowly helped me keep more down? Hope things improve soon xxx


Hi Steadilymovingforward,

Thank you and yes I do have digestive issues your tipabout mild food and eating slowlymight indeed help in keeping more down, my fellow nuns say give it try we will NOT rush you ,I will keep people in touch with how it goes.

Again thank you so much Judithxx


You're welcome, pray you feel better soon x


Ps...lying down for a bit or trying not too move around too irratically for few minutes after seems to help me too x


And small portions, two smaller ones instead of a big heavy one x


Hi Judith

I have oesophagus problems and when it flares up I can't keep nothing

In my stomach for weeks plus I get diharrea as well , I take medicines

For it too and I have to increase them when my problem flares up, hope you

Fell better soon ??


Thank youall of you for your help and support it feels a very lonely place when this happens I dont understand it all so how can others?

But I feelunderstood and held /supported by the group and will take what you say on board and do it.

Bless you all Judithxx




Judith, (I'm a Judy!), have you been tested for gastroparesis? It's a foirm of paralysis of the guy, I think. But you'll need to Google it. Hope this helps.


thank you coppernob will look into it any information helps, will reply better later am late yet again but people here are used to it .

thanks Judith


Hi Steadlymovingon,

Yes good ideas and am trying both of those time will tell but so so good.

Again thank you xxxJudith


Oh I am soo pleased!...good luck with the doc xxx


Hello Judith, I suffered something similar as I had an inflamed gut. I kept being badly sick and couldn't keep anything down. Maybe they could check you for this.

Also at my worst I was prescribed a drink I think it is called enliven. It's a bit like a thick milkshake and comes in different flavours but it contains all the nutrients you should be getting. I found it helped because it was easier to drink then eat and it helped stopping me from starving. Ask your doctor he will be able to prescribe to save money but I think you can buy over the counter so you can try and see if it helps.

Hope you feel better soon it was a wretched time of my life when had this, stay strong xx


Hello Twist,

This is not new it happens every few months and we have tryed all sorts of things but not the drink you mention so will what the Dr says.

Im very lucky as one the Drs understands lupus and has been so good in talking lupus through with me as you will understand it,s complex illness with lots of twists and turns untill your head spins it was him that put me onto the website untill then I had no idea such support was out there and Im so glad oh so glad you are all there it,s such a help we are not alone.

Thank you for help love Judithxx


I had a problem a few years ago which was both ends unfortunately. I would be sick every time I ate and had constantly to be near a toilet.

I was admitted to hospital twice due to being dehydrated. It went on for 18 months and I had loads of tests etc and then just stopped. For no reason one day I just stopped being sick. All the tests came back as normal or negative.

Have hope things might just calm down themselves like a flair. It could be a flair of something to do with your stomache.

I hope and pray that you feel better soon.


Hi Helentad

Thank you it is a little better and Im finding smallhelpings eaten slowly help this vomiting happens every so often and then like your sickness says goodby suddenly but is not nice while it lasts.But I live in a house withothers nuns who are BIG eaters which is off puting when Im like this anyway Im off to the Dr tomorrow for some wisdom at least he understands lupus having treated lupus patients in london which is so good for me.

Anyway thank you for taking the time to write,



Hi Steadlymovingforard,

It went well with Doc he says its mostly due to good lupus and some of the mefs I take for said illness so whats also messes you up great!!!!.

Aint life a pig at times? thanks Judithxx


It sure is!....Lupus problems are like air bubbles in smoooth one out that's been annoying you in one place and another one pops up somewhere else!!

Life with Lupus...our 'wallpaper' will always be bubbly!

lol :)



I think I'll put that it a thought for the day lol!


thanks you should put in thought for the day, but good news Ive kept food down today not felt well agter eating but its stayed put.

Bless you Judithxx


Oh that's good, hopefully your sickness will subside tried ginger tea for the sickness?...I was in hospital next to a lady with terrible sickness from chemo and I used to grate some fresh ginger in a cup for her with some hot water and she said it worked better than any of the nausea meds!...I sometimes drink it when I fella bit iffy xx


I meant when I 'feel' a bit iffy!


Yes its easey to get words mixed up isnt it I will try ginger tea as I still dont feel like me yet.

But it feels good to keep food down.


Yep visibility is poor at the moment for me..brain fog forecasted for the foreseeable future!!


Im so sorry you are so under the weather but do hope things inprove for you soon its a nasty feeling when you are fighting fog.I will be thinking of you Judithxx


Thank you Judith. I think I've just accepted that I'm a bit scatty and that it won't kill me (apart from forgetting to give way at the roundabout!!) so it's more of a comedy symptom than something that upsets me too much...I do like to laugh at myself if I can! Xxx


Thanks me to a good laugh myself does me the wotld of good but please do take on those round abouts.after my visit to the rehumie today I needed a good old laugh.

Keep well Judithxx


U 2 XX :)


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