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Really struggling with dry skin

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I have been diagnosed with lupus SLE for over 10yrs and am currently on chloroquine. I have had rashes all over my body for approx 3 years and they seem to be getting worse. I am under the dermatologist who has prescribed dapsone and various creams and lotions, none of which seem to work. My skin is so dry and nothing seems to sooth or relieve it! Has anyone got any suggestions on what I could try to help with the continual tightness and really dry skin. I am at my wits end with this!!

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Are you in the UK or the US? In the UK there is a product called Diprobase (another similar one is Doublebase) which is used in eczema. Many ladies on the PMR/GCA forum have found they work well. In the UK you can have them on prescription if you have a nice GP, otherwise an enormous dispenser is about £12. It is just a combination of liquid paraffin and isopropyl myristate - both moisturising:

You shower and then use it - to keep the moisture in. They also replace any soap products (anything that foams) - which dry out your skin and should be avoided. I showered at the hotel before flying to Canada the other week. Not thinking, I used the shower gel - and by the time I got on the plane my arms were flaking! Horribly embarrassing when anything to help is in your checked luggage...

If you can't get them in the US there will be a similar product - just ask a pharmacist for something that is made with the same ingredients.

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I use diprobase and ultra base all the time but this does not help for long, creaming my skin can take up to half an hour as I try to use lots of the cream to sooth it. I am in the uk.

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Try coconut oil. I use this after every shower. I do not towel dry. I apply the coconut oil over my entire body from neck down to toes, I also do my face. I then let my body air dry for at least 30 minutes, more if I can before I put on any clothing. My dermatologist Told me to try this. I've been doing it for 2 plus years.


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linda96 in reply to Tiras

Have to say this helps me too!

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Have you ever tried paw paw ointment, fantastic stuff that I always use 😃

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I've found cetraben works for my itchy hands

I use the cream

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Am v much feeling for you. This is so tough to manage. I get the emollient Emulsiderm on prescription in big bottles & use it daily....and I avoid bathing altogether...I only shower in lukewarm water and then dunk myself in a quick bath of cool water & emulsiderm. In the shower I only use Weleda baby range shower cream. I've tried loads of moisturisers and the best for me is pure Shea butter from l' husband has crohns which is autoimmune like SLE and does give dry skin to many patients..lie relies on aveeno moisturisers

🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco

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Organic cold pressed .sesame oil on entire body...leave on 10 mins...wash off. Anti fungal, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial. Coconut oil also great.

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