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Dry skin. Beauty tips please

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Not being one for male grooming, I find myself a bit of a novice at this.

The skin on my face has got very dry over the past year, so now I have flakes constantly shedding from my forehead, cheeks and chin.

Do I just use handcream on it, or what? Do I really have to spend more money on special kinds of moisturiser?

I'm quite up for a bit of eyeliner and that, Eddie Izzard stylee, but am afraid I may scare the cat. So skincare only for now, please? Thanks x

24 Replies
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I find Aveeno good. My skin is so dry. Try the eyeliner the cat might like u more !! So funny !

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whisperit in reply to tremarel

Good, I've seen Aveeno somewhere not too pricey. Thanks for that x

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chrisj in reply to tremarel

I bought Aveeno recently and like it because its not greasy

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Are you in the UK? Ask your GP to prescribe you Doublebase cream - used as an emollient for eczema patients. If he won't - it isn't extortionately expensive from the pharmacy. Has no nasties to cause allergic responses. Even my husband uses it!

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PMRpro in reply to PMRpro

Should have added - Doublebase do various products to replace soap too. Anything that foams will strip the natural oils from your skin, drying it out. And a lot of medications just make it worse.

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whisperit in reply to PMRpro

Hope that works - I'll see what the GP says. It could well be medication-induced or aggravated, as it's not a problem I've ever had before.

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I had dry skin and basically stopped using soap. I shower with coconut oil (you can buy a big tub on Amazon for about £9 and it lasts for ages). Be good for your face too. Then taking fish oils and Vitamin E is good too. Use natural shampoo or if your hair is short don't wash it at all, just rinse and occasionally use conditioner.

whisperit profile image
whisperit in reply to Treetop33

Haven't used soap on my face for years - I like the "Just William" look. And I have so little hair on my head that I have caused RTAs after blinding oncoming vehicles with the reflected glare from their own headlights. So I'll have to go with the vitamin ideas - thanks x

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Treetop33 in reply to whisperit

Ha I get the picture.

But also try the coconut. People use it to control eczema, because it has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

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whisperit in reply to Treetop33

good point, will do

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Just a "simple" moisturiser should be ok, something with no harmful chemicals and additives if your skin is sensitive. Simple, Aveeno, or maybe even johnsons baby lotion? For my dryness my GP prescribes 50/50. That's really good.

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whisperit in reply to Georgie-girl

great. that's a good selection of options x

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Oh I can't use johnsons baby stuff I flare like mad. I have never used soap on my face. I use the new macular water and then use a good day cream. At night o use a heavier day cream. You can get the creams on Perscription so have s word with your dr. You can also get shower gel on Perscription so again ask your doctor. Good luck.

Barnclown profile image

My husband loves both aveeno & Nivea moisturisers (his crohns affects his skin which is extremely dry all over). If you're interested, I'll check the names on the actual bottles...just let me know 🤷‍♀️...Badger, I think, is older than you (62) but he has been moisturising a go go ever since me met 30+ years ago...his face, trunk, hands, feet, just about everywhere...🍀😘 coco

PS my favs are l'occitane's tin of pure Shea butter & their big tub of Ultra Rich Shea body creme...but the emollient antimicrobial Emulsiderm is prescribed me due to dry skin...this is a link to the manufacturer's website where you'll find lots of great moisturising stuff often prescribed by dermatologists etc:


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whisperit in reply to Barnclown

thanks coco. I'm spoilt for choice

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Try Eucerin cream also Aveeno both available on prescription I find the Eucerin is the best for a face moisturiser.

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whisperit in reply to 1573

thanks. it hadn't occurred to me to ask for a prescription, but it would be a good idea and justified, as it is more than just ordinary "dry skin" - it is constantly flaking

Lupiknits profile image

Try for a prescription and you could also try Nivea extra soft. A big tub, pretty cheap and my sensitive skin is happy.

I've just discovered something to help exfoliate dry lips gently. It a pot of balm with large sugar chustals. Rub it on gently and it works well. Various flavours. I can recomend the lemon . The website is here, so you can check the ingredients bimble.eu/lips.html

I got mine from Amazing.

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My daughter was given Diprobase ointment when her daughter had a bout of eczma some years ago and it did the trick. When I had problems with a nose so dry it was cracking and bleeding my daughter told me to try it and its good, I now have the dryness/soreness under control and its much much better

Not sure if it'll work on dry flaky skin and its quite greasy, might be uncomfortable on your face. There are lots of creams out there to try, I have several.....or ask your doctor what he/she recommends....good luck

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Hello. Just catching up on some posts. 😂 Have you considered visiting a make up counter for a consultation? Only kidding. I have Cetraben on prescription but don't use it on my face. I find it too heavy. I also love Aveeno moisturiser and the oil spray, which has been brilliant for me. But again, I wouldn't want these on my face. I think just buy a facial moisturiser. I use Simple. I think I got it in the supermarket, only £2/£3. It's not perfumed etc and might not feel so heavy in your face. Not an expensive one either. Are you going to post photos of the eye liner? x

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whisperit in reply to Wendy39

Very tempted to go to one of those make-over counters in John Lewis' to see if I can get some of those eyebrows they do nowadays.

Maybe a tattoo in a language I can't understand as well. Yes, why not turn a problem into an opportunity?

Or maybe I'll just get some Simple moisturiser....decisions, decisions....

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Hi Whisperit, I suffer with terribly dry skin, to the point where it cracks open and is very painful. I was recommended to try Hemp Cream, from Body Shop. They do a face cream, hand cream and body cream. I use all of them, works wonders for me. 🦋🍀🍀

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Wendy39 in reply to angbed1

You are so right! I forgot when I struggled with dry, cracked, bleeding and infected hands I used the Body Shop hemp hand cream. Worked a treat.

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Hi, I enrolled on Shebynature trial of a cream to aid dryness. My wife has stress related Psoriasis. I gave her the cream and she extremely reticent but tried it none the less. she now swears by it give it a go.

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