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Redeemed skin all over


I am new here. I have been referred to a rheumatologist based on a positive ANA and signs n symptoms, and just the other day Lichen Sclerosus confirmed by biopsy which I suspect I had from age 8 or 9.

Since a recent symptom flare I have developed red skin pretty much all over, like i have too much histamine in my system. Just light pressure makes my skin very red and flushed and then it fades. If I scratch I have flat red welts that last a good while. It is mainly on my face neck chest stomach thighs arms and hands. My hands tend to get puffy apart from arthritic stiffness but doesn't seem like raynauds. My skin gets blotchy if hot like after a shower so am having cooler showers. I don't have any rashes or spots or pustules but a bit of seborrheic dermatitis around my nose and chin, very mildly.

I normally have such pale clear skin. It doesn't seem aggravated by spicy food or wine, but occasionally I flush in the face if very anxious. It might be rosacea but it is all over me not just my face and my understanding is that it usually affects your face and chest only sometimes and is characterised by pimply lesions.

My skin is a bit irritated and itchy but no sign of any cause visually. Not even that dry.

Is this common??? Weird?? Lol! Any ideas? Thanks!

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Reddened skin I meant!


I get that on my chest area especially during flare.


Hello jar & welcome

And: good question

I suspect we could have stuff in common

My lichen Sclerosus was diagnosed years before my infant onset lupus diagnosis was recovered in my late 50s

And my skin is reactive in much the same way you're describing

I'm vascular ehlers danlos hypermobile (a connective tissue disorder which progressively affects all pasts of the body including the skin & veins,, not just the joints) and I'm diagnosed with simultaneous raynauds & erythromelalgia

My understanding is that these overlapping immune dysfunctions & connective tissue disorders predispose me to my version of the symptoms you're describing...but there are many other possible causes for symptoms like these: if you're with good diagnosticians & keep good logs of your reactivity & symptoms generally, this will help them to figure you out...probably in the same way your LS was figured out

Have your medics examined you for hypermobility?

If you're interested in erythromelalgia, here is a good link:

Wishing you all the best as you work your way through the diagnostic process

🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco


Hi coco and sarah

Thanks so much for responding. Yes I have a long way to go diagnostically. So far have only seen GP and Gynae and on wait list for Rheumy. Only a podiatrist once said my feet were hypermobile but understandably wasn't assessing any other body parts lol! While there could be mechanical reasons for foot hypermobility, on balance with a lot of other symptoms i think there is a connective tissue issue. Past physios have found the opposite with my spine commenting on rigidity and asking if i had been in a whiplash type incident. Which i havent. So not sure about hypermobility then.

I don't get any burning with my redness. Maybe some itching but I am always itchy!

Think I might try clarytine for a few days to see if it is histamine related. I know long term use is not advised due to potential drying side effects, which I don't need more of. Really if it helps it just suggests I need testing around histamine levels, mast cells (which release histamine) etc to try to find out why it is happening. I just thought there may be some AI/histamine link. It's possible but not a lot of research out there. Probably just get diagnosed with rosacea or something.

I must admit I am not looking forward to the diagnostic run around. Been there with my kids.

I actually diagnosed myself with LS after reading an article on AI conditions and dryness/sex pain. I then went to my gynae and put it to her. She agreed and 2 biopsies later it was confirmed. It explained a lot about my childhood and older symptoms.

Anyway I am sure this won't be my only question! I am glad you are all here with me on this journey 😊


I have most of these symptoms - have discoid lupus and Sjogrens.

Hydroxychloroquine has helped with all but the skin and cough!


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