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Pigmentation of the skin and dry mouth.

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so i was wondering has anyone experienced pigmentation of the skin, i.e gone darker? my skin has gone darker in some areas, and its really making me self concious. its highly noticeable even with make up on. Im 19, and im extremely worried that it will just become worse as i become older :( i have told my rheumatologist but i have not been given any answers or solutions :( And another thing i have noticed is i get a dry mouth very quickly and tartar build up within my teeth, and my dentist things it is lack of saliva production that has triggered the build up. Has anyone else experienced this?

I would appreciate any advice :)

thank you xx

16 Replies
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Oh dear. Me too. I'm old enough not to be so concerned about my skin colour but can understand how you must feel being so young. I have areas of vitiligo, where the skin has become paler, but not too badly and not on my face. Sounds like you might have melasma. More info here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melasma. I also have Sjogrens syndrome which is usually the culprit of dry mouths but some drugs can exacerbate it. My gums become really sore if I don't have the tartar removed from my teeth regularly. Anyone with SLR and Sjogrens should visit a dental hygienist every 3 months for a clean and polish. This has worked well for me. Also, re. skin pigmentation/rashes etc., just remembered the Red Cross has a service which will suggest make-up products to help people disguise facial anomalies. More info on that here: redcross.org.uk/What-we-do/.... Hope that helps Imzee!

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SLR? Lol, SLE!

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Thank you for the link, it was very helpful! I haven't been to the doctors yet about the dry mouth but i shall definitely inform them and also visit my dentist regularly! thank you very much for your help and advice, i am going to look further into the websites you have suggested :)

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You're welcome!

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It could be the Plaquenil, if you're taking it. Apparently it is a rare side effect but it does occur. Search online and see if it is similar to your symptoms.

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thats what i have been told by a few people, i shall definitely look further into it. Thank you!.

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I have the same problem and I am on Plaquenil. Make sure it is the ORIGINAL and Not a deritive brand that is cheaper as this sent all my teeth Brown - not a great look!

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I also have this problem and was referred to a skin specialist who ruled out any links to plaquenil, he basically said some people just have this problem and not much you can do.....personally I still feel it has something to do with either the medication or lupus. I've previously driven myself mad as I felt like some sort of freak but have now just accepted it. I have been given another appointment to see the skin specialist so will update!

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imzi in reply to Delila

My gp also said that its not lupus or the medication, but the pigmentation only occurred when the medication was started! Thank you, i would really appreciate the update. Thank you for your help :)

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im getting brown patches on my face and backs of my hands, gp said its age although im 40? i use sunblock everyday just different strenghs depending on the season x

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i see, i shall use sunblock more often, and see if that makes a difference! thank you x

I have dark pigmentation which has takekn the shape of the butterfly rash. It is rather depressing at times as makeup doesn't hide it very well, and you get people staring. I have found that applying manuka honey makes a difference. I sometimes apply this with lemon juice.

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i was in the car today and i noticed the side the sun was shining on me i started to develop a rash in that area on my cheek, Im now thinking the sun may have triggered the pigmentation.

I shall definitely try the manuka honey. i currently use a moisturiser of glycerol and rose water which works well with any rashs i develop, i would recommend it :)

thank you for your advice :)

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I have an area of dark pigmentation on my face & areas of light pigmentation on my legs.

I have had the dark 4 about 7 years now but the light started appearing about 12 months ago & absolutely s*** me up, I really thought I was turning in2 Michael Jackson & didn't think there was a skin tone paler than my 'transparent tinged with purple & blue 1' but obviously I was very much mistaken! The light patches have since calmed down & seem 2 have 'blended themselves out' (or maybe they're just less noticeable during the winter months when my legs do not c the light of day!). As 4 the dark patch, I don't really worry about it that much, the only reason I worried about the light 1's on my leg is cos they seemed 2 come up very quickly & very suddenly & was a 'new' thing 4 me.

There is a cream (I think it's by L'Oreal) that is a 'brightening' cream that apparently evens out u're skin tone & corrects pigmentation problems although I couldn't say whether it was any good or not as I've not tried it.

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my dark patch on my face is limited just to the chin area and its so noticeable :( sounds like you have had many ups and downs with the pigmentation, poor you! Thank you i will definelty have a look out for that! thank you for your help :)

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Hi I have pigmentations on my face was referred to dermatology and told It’s melisma. When it was at its worst I had a moustache and beard! 😳 currently I’ve managed to keep it to just my cheeks and above eyebrows. Mine is brought out by sun so have to use physical sun lotion daily and a hat if in sun. Also I use hydroquinone cream to fade it with tretinion.

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