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Inflamed peeling skin

Hi everyone

I was wondering if you can help. When I have a really bad flare with my joints the skin around my fingers seem to either blister or go really dry then peel off. I have tried loads of creams etc but nothing seems to clear it up. I am on the zentiva brand (used to be called plaquinil)

I have been diagnosis with palindromic arthritis but my rheumatologist is testing me for ankylosing spondylitis as well.

Have any of experienced this?

Hope you all have a good day

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Hi my hands are like that at the moment,it starts the same way it go's very inflamed and also painful.


I get it on my knuckles and nothing seems to work so I keep them moisturised


The cream that I've found which helps the best, is aveeno moisturising creamy oil, but I still have to put it on every few hours. The last flare I had, I even resorted to wearing cotton gloves as my hands were so sore from the skin peeling. I also used ice packs to help the pain.i don't know why my skin does it, it just starts and lasts a few weeks before settling down again, it also happens on my feet.

My diagnoses is lupus, R A, sojgrens, Raynaulds and sticky blood.

Hope you get some relieve soon as I know it can be very sore and get you 'down'.



This has happened to be during a flare up and I got a referal to the dermatologist. It was a few years ago and I can't remember the name of the topical cream but it worked amazingly.

May be worth seeing GP or Consultant for a referal x


My problem is confined to my fingertips and I've used just about every product, except lard!

I mainly use a barrier cream, zinc and castor oil, often found in the baby department, or the Body Shop hemp oil hand protector or Epaderm cream, found in pharmacies, for excema etc.

I also have a range of rubber, vinyl and cotton gloves.

I've had this problem for many months it has improved greatly but I'm not sure I'll ever have 'normal' hands. I take tablets to increase the blood flow to the fingertips.

Good luck!


Would you be kind enough to tell me what tablets you take to increase blood flow to the fingertips? - Thanks


I was prescribed nifedipine in December, 10mg 3 times a day and am still taking the same dose. What I've had is ulcerated fingertips which is a form of Raynauds but not the normal type. I have never had the white/purple ice cold fingers which lots of people experience.

The meds have helped massively but as you can tell, it has taken months and the fingertips can still be very sensitive but they've healed over. I dread the thought of it happening again.

Good luck.


Thanks for reply, I have tried nifedipine in the past but a bit "fierce" for me, I have the ice cold purple thing and I found although nifedipine helped it also heated up my face and head and gave me migraines. Strange creatures we are! I keep trying different things, must be an answer somewhere! So pleased you found help and join with you in hoping it never recurs. Good luck also to you


Yes as well as increasing blood flow to the fingertips, it does the same to other extremities! I have red legs and feet 3 times a day!!


Know the feeling!!!!


Thank you for all messages, I will look into all it.

Hope you all have a nice weekend 😊


I'm sat here reading this, with coconut oil on my feet, covered in socks and the same on my hands with cotton gloves on.

Sorry to hear that you are suffered.

This is the worst my skin has been for months. Both hands and feet are dry, scaly, itchy, red, slightly swollen and cracked and bleeding in places. Nothing seems to work to be honest. I have 3 different strength steroid creams but don't want to use them all of the time.

Difficult with hands, as every time I do something they crack and bleed.

Not sure what to do. Is this just the way summer effects my Subacute Curaneous Lupus? Seeing Dermatologist at end of September. Wish it was sooner.

I hope you find some relief from your symptoms soon.


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