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The funny side of lupus #15

Is when...........

After an awful trip to the supermarket, once again dealing with peoples attitude, arrogance and ignorance, you decide that becoming a SUPERHERO (or maybe a SUPERVILLIAN), depending on your view of such ignorant twits.....would be a fantastic idea....

My super power .........and I am sorry, after today I would be a supervillian... lol and my super power would be a mobile app with a firing laser that would allow me to turn each and every one of them NAKED, YES NAKED, just like the hp movies and the boggitts.....

That way, for just a few moments, instead of me and my friends,  they can be laughed at, rudiculed, ignored, avoided and stepped around....Maybe in that moment of sudden loss of control and self confidence it may englighten their tiny brains to the less able around them enabling them to act with a little more compassion and understanding.....

What would you be, what power would you use and why? (Please no world peace or cure all illness, you'll put too many people out if work.. lol)

Lets make this funny side of lupus rock with superheros, villians and powers.......have fun...xx😊😁😂

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Hi Amanda,

First wishing you and everyone on this forum a Happy Easter 🐥🍀🕊,may it bring us light in the darkness of our disease(s).

I love your creative idea of being able to make others naked, LOL😜. Let them feel how vulnerable others, like us, can be/feel.

My superpower (if I cannot make an end to wars and poverty in the world) is EMPATHY❤. I wish I could make people empathic for everything around them.

Easter greets from Amsterdam 😘.


A purple gamma ray that forces people to live your life, physically and mentally until they grow some empathy.  If they are incapable of it, they remain stuck forever.  

Either that or the ability to randomly conjure up a giant blue spotted octopus that drags people away if they look at you wrong.


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