PIP awarded :-)))))

Received standard rate PIP for 3 years backdated to March 2014 YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! What a relief was very dubious about getting it as my medical was with a physiotherapist but I had nothing to lose by going for it - it was my doctors who said I should. The extra £53 per week on top of my ESA support Groups allowance will really make a difference, especially to my children. So so happy. xx

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  • Hi,

    Just read your post, after I messaged you.

    Fab news x

  • Thank you :-)

  • That's great news. For both components or just one? I am trying to complete a PIP form for a friend with lupus and i'd be really grateful if you could give me some pointers of what to write because I am frightened they are going to turn her down and say that as it is a condition which has flare ups she won't qualify as she isn't always bad. Thanks

  • Tick the it 'varies' boxes and write what it's like for her on her worst day. I think it helps greatly if you send copies of gp, rheumatologist, consultants reports

    I only qualified for the basic PIP rate on the first component - 8 or 9 points I got - and not on mobility so no blue badge which is a shame but I'm not complaining. I'm thrilled.

    Good luck to you x

    Ps contact lupus UK and they'll send you info via email to help you fill the forms in.

  • Thanks so much for this advice, I'll get onto Lupus UK now!

  • Hi Millie

    Would just like to say as it's hard filling in the PIP forms, they have to be done in a certain way to maximise success and you don't tick the it varies boxes, it's best if you go to the Citizens Advice Bureau who will help you fill it in. I did and was greatly helped by them and was successful. The fact sheets you can get from Paul at Lupus UK are also very helpful. Your being a great friend and I wish you both luck. X

  • Aww, thanks! I shall take you up on your advice X

  • Hi. I have lupus and i am on low rate DLA. They did at first say it was not a disability and turned me down. I then appealed as my argument was when i suffered my flares (Joints) which was quite frequent. It did leave me unable to attend to my normal every day living and that my daughter would have to help assist with cooking, washing. .etc. They awarded me care. And although it's low rate. It helps towards taxis as i dont drive when shopping and petrol in my daughters car.

  • This info is great as trying to fill in a pip form and needs in by January 15th.

  • Take your time with form ! Add how things make you feel as well as what you are medically suffering - filling the form in exhausts me and it also makes me feel terrible about myself its very depressing you cope in your own way with things you can/cannot do (I'd be lost without my husband) lots of forum will help you complete it

    I go back and add things constantly don't worry about fitting everything in the boxes use extra info sheets margins and extra paper if you have to x

  • Hiya! So so pleased for you

  • Hi all, my advice with the pip form is to get the sheets from Paul they were a god send as i foubd its not just ticking boxes, with the help of the fact sheet from paul you get to understand how you need to explain your conditions its all about how you explain how it all affects you doing day to day living activitys with every condition you suffer with....i was awarded both elements...example say you. .. Activity can you use a cooker to prepare a simple meal..i can not use a cooker due to my conditon....i can not grip the pan.......i therfore would not be able to do this reliably and safely as i may drop the pan or pot causing harm to myself

    You therfore you can not do this action (key words) safely, reliably, repeatedly,

    You also need to put down every condition you suffer with like if your telling them from scratch, the person reading to form may/may not have a clue about lupus so give them as much information as possible..lupus is a fluctuating illness which is long term and currently there is no cure. Be sure to point this out once you put down all the conditions.. List your medications the side effects they have on you and amounts per day.

    Then move to the questions remembering each key word, safely, reliably, repeatedly.. Dont be affraid to type it all out and stample it in on the correct pages..i hope this helps, i had welfare rights officer look over my form to make sure it was correct and she said its exactly how it should be done..hope this helps anyone hugs good luck x

  • Thanks, this is really helpful. Everybody on this site has been great, I'm so glad I found it X

  • I also have won a tribunal for PIP. My initial claim was in October 2013!! I won my case in November 2014 in court and still have not received anything from the DWP. I have phoned on several occasions and they say they have never received the paperwork from the court - it was sent via email and letter on the same day by the courts. I then had to send my own copy to them with a letter. I phoned them again today and they said they have received my copy but there would be a delay as they have 28 days before they have to pay as they have a right to appeal the appeal. The DWP rarely appeal the courts (according to the man at DWP) however they have to be reviewed by a "case person" to see if they are prepared to go ahead.

    I was very tempted to say - in that case can I appeal the appeal that you appeal?? but bit my tongue. Heres hoping it all turns out in my favour. I won't get my hopes up until I see a result XX

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