a GOOD rheumatologist please?!

Hi. Thanks for all the messages I received since my first post. I am seeing a haematologist tomorrow re my lupus anticoagulant. 16 years of pos results and I actually got to see a rheumatologist who would only consider his own tests (neg) and inferred I was an ALCOHOLIC! due to random liver readings I DO NOT DRINK! but that was his thoughts on my butterfly rash! I was sent away with nothing but him using up all my health insurance allowance. I am text book Lupus positive and have pos bloods to match. I live in the Midlands and I am happy to travel to find a Dr who can really help. Is there any other fellow sufferer who can point me in the right direction of a good lupus informed rheumatologist? Many thanks and good wishes to you all.

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  • Hi Popper,

    There are a few lupus specialists based in the Midlands;

    Prof. Caroline Gordon – Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham

    Dr Hassan – Leicester General

    Dr Peter Lanyon – Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham

    Those are the specialists who I know of.

  • Hi Paul

    thank you so much. I am going to get my fab GP to refer me to the most local that you have suggested. I think Leicester will be best for me.

    Many, many thanks again.

  • Hi Paul. Can you tell me if there are any Lupus specialists in Plymouth?

  • Hi maybehope,

    Both Dr Lindsey Robertson and Dr Nick Viner are at the Derriford Hospital in Plymouth.

  • Thanks Paul :)

  • Good Luck with Dr Lindsey Robertson. I am off to Bath Min Hospital tomorrow for a 3rd opinion after trying Derriford for last 4 years with no luck. My OT at Derriford,Plymouth suggested going to Bath due to having such obvious problems and Derriford Rhuemy dismissing it.

    Really think you may need to go further afield.

  • Hi Gillypop. Thank you for your reply. Are the Rhuemy's at Derriford not Lupus specialists. Please let me know how you get on :)

  • Hi maybehope, both of the consultants I mentioned are lupus specialists.

  • Thank you Paul.

  • Have you posted this on the Hughes Syndrome forum, they know the specialists in Hughes/APS./ lupus anticoagulant



  • If you can visit professor Gordon at City Hospital she is amazing. She runs a lupus clinic and is incredibly well versed with APS.

    I owe that lady my life. You would be incredibly safe hands with her. The whole department are fantastic.

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