advise needed plz. can i request a rheumatologist by name ??

Hi all , does anybody know if you can request to see a rheumatologist by name , basically i would like to see the rheumy (whom ive googled) my gp has done a refferral but she says i may not get to pick , but surely if there is 3 rheumys 1 specializes in lupus/syjorns the other is ra , now i have lupus/syjorns/reynaulds/fibromyalgia so therefore common sense would say that i need to see rheumy 1 , but apparently thats not the way ,so basically does anybody know the correct procedure as per citizens charter ?? hope ive explained myself correctly im in sooo much pain sometime i just write random thing (lupus fog) lol


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  • I do not know anything about health insurance in the UK. In the US, it depends on the kind of plan that you have. HMOs need a referral. A PPO does not need a referral but how much of the bill gets covered depends on whether the specific doctor is paneled with the insurance. The other insurance which used to be more common would let you pick. Then you would just need to wait until he had an opening for a new patient. When 3 rheumys are in a practice, I've seen "the other rheumy" when mine has been out of town. I don't know how urgent it is but when you are setting the appointment, I myself would ask for the one I would prefer.

  • I've requested to see consultants by name and always seen them, I also requested my daughter see the same rhuemy consultant as myself and she is now on his books too. Your Gp may be saying this only because if the one you have requested to see has a long waiting list and you need to see someone urgently then they will get you seen by another.

    My consultant 'oversees' my health but often will refer me to other departments if it's not his area of expertise.

    Hope this helps.


    So if you can get referred to the hospital where the consultant you want to see is based you should be able to ask to see him/her when you get there. You can get referred to any hospital you want- it's about self management after that.

    Good luck - a good relationship with your consultant is vital for ensuring you get the best outcomes for you.

  • I asked to see a specific consultant in my quest to get diagnosed. The reason I wanted a specific consultant is my Uncle sees him and there may be a family connection between his health problems and mine. I got referred to his clinic but it was his registrar that saw me. I have my second appointment in April. Still lists the consultant on my appointment letter but it could be the registrar I see. He was really nice though and put me through a lot of tests and referrals to other departments. He is an SPR6 so is very close to becoming a specialist himself.

  • The rheumatologist I wanted to see was out of my area so I made a private appointment and took my referral letter along. He agreed to take me on and transferred me onto his nhs list. It may work for you so if having a problem give it a try. Good luck.

  • Hi

    There is a system called choose and book and I thought that gave patients some choice. I'm not sure about the specific consultant but surely there is a way. I know I had the choice of two hospitals and initially chose the easiest to get to but that was before I realised you really need someone with a special interest

  • Google choose and book. It's quite interesting. Check out hospital choice

  • Thanks guys x

  • Hello kittykat 68. I haven't noticed any posts from you recently. How are you? Have you seen a rheumatologist before? Or are you experiencing new symptoms, so new referral? I think you are one if the few people with the same diagnosis as me, ie SCLE - subacute cutaneous lupus. Wendy

  • Hi wendy39, ahh bit of nighmare ive been in this flare since july 2014 first dermy double dose of metho but i couldnt handle the side effects so then he lower that and upped the plaquinil to 300 as again i cant handle 400 , but im loosing a lot of hair at the mo and ive got that big red ring in my head and just random rashes (like chicken pox) appear at night and are gone in the morning and omgg the pain is just constant hence why i need to see a rheumy now as i dont know if it fibro pain or lupus thanks for asking wendy x

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