Update on light bulb

Update on light bulb

Can't get a doc appointment !! About right so I'm goin to hospital tomorow and hopefully I can see nurse by emergency, spoke to my chemist and she was adamant I didn't take any over the counter anti istamines. My family want me to give up work but really that is not an option. I have enclosed a pic of what the lighting is doing to me. This is on my arms legs and travelling up my back.

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  • It looks like you have a photosensitive skin. High factor sun cream should help!

  • I would be very careful what I rubbed into my skin for risk of making the matter worse.

    You need to get to the root cause.

    I am electro-sensitive and cannot be shut in a room with lights and computer for too long - need to keep moving as we are discharging when moving.

    Bodies are under so much stress these days and when we reach saturation point we suffer.

    Have you seen the ES-UK web site - they have some very helpful and interesting information with regular newsletters.

  • Thank you I will look on this site x

  • Can never really be sure and still suggest the gp when you can. It does look like the rash I get. When I was at work I used at least sun factor 50 as a body cream, even under clothing, as clothing doesn't always block UV. Hopefully they will put a filter on it for you and also any computer you use. Please remember if it is affecting your skin it is doing the same to your eyes.

  • Wasn't able to get into GP or hospital so going to do was you say and use the sun cream and yep my eyes are very sore now 😞 never ending !! Constant battle thank you both for advice xx

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