Update on partner+Esa

I haven't wrote for a while, just to say re my previous blog, Thank you to everyone for all your supportive comments Also to Paul. Who suggested I watched the DVD together, we did watch it + I have since found a difference in my partner he is a lot more patient+helps me more re_housework, etc coming to see my consultants also Macular Degeneration doesn't seem to phase him now, So all good now+we are talking about getting married. .Also I went for my ESA interview I was first placed in work related group, I have since appealed paul sent me a letter+leaflets on Lupus+ my consultant gave me a letter supporting all my symptoms Thankfully, I have now been placed in the Support Group, This is a big relief and all this worrying doesn't help any of our illnesses at all, its about time this government needs to Wake up+listen to us the genuine disabled, its shocking what they are doing to their own people. Yet they send billions of £ to other countries to help them!! they are more needing to concentrate on our own contry+get out the deficit we are in. Sorry for ranting but I get so angy at this gevernment. LoL. Fx.


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5 Replies

  • hi what dvd is it you watched. thanks gaz

  • Hi. We have a DVD for newly diagnosed patients. You can learn a bit more about it here - lupusuk.org.uk/latest-news/dvd

  • Hi..its the DVD I got from Lupus UK for Diagnosed with Lupus..pauls put a link below, its great to watch it with close ones , good luck+ thank you

  • I'm very pleased to hear that you found watching the DVD with your partner helpful. I'm pleased to hear you have been placed in the support group for ESA too. I imagine that is a great weight off your mind, which will hopefully help.

  • thank you very much.

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