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On January 1st, Canada will not be manufacturing Incandescent light bulbs over 60 watt. In two years we will not have any incandescent bulbs - all to be replaced with fluorescent. My plan is to stock up before then. I understand that the UK banned incandescent bulbs a few years ago and was wondering how those of you that are sensitive are handling this. I am a little peeved about the whole thing.

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  • I live in Canada....big dislike for the newish light bulbs...

  • Where are you dgleds?

  • up coast from Vancouver, BC..I use to live in UK

  • Where up the coast.

  • im across from Texada...was lower coast before

  • Sorry dgleds, I thought I had replied to you. I know Texada, my sister has property out there. We also live in BC. I go to LupusUK because it is more active with real people discussing real problems. I find other Lupus organizations are more just fund raising and not a lot about the actual people. Happy New Year!

  • I agree...great site:) I lived in Uk years back, was born in Canada though...My parents were British, and the rest of the clan....


  • Hi. Yes here in the UK we have to endure so called energy saving bulbs and have done so for a while now. It's a good idea to stock up on the old ones. Do you have problems when you walk into the big stores to go shopping? I only have to be inside for a couple of minutes before I feel sick and overwhelmed with tiredness. I used to think it was just my age, but now I know better.

    Good luck Chapter, hope you've got a big store cupboard.

  • I do have trouble with the sun and fluorescent lights. We have LED lights in kitchen but I still usually end up with headache and serious flush if I am in there to long. The new lights are suppose to be more energy efficient but they cost a small fortune and we still don't know how to dispose of them but, since they last so long, I guess our kids can figure that one out. I just feel like they have not allowed for people that can't handle them, we have no choice.

  • I remember the fluorescent bulbs in grocery stores back when I was younger use to bother me....especially if they were not working correctly...the flicker was horrible from them.

  • Hi Chapter, I have swapped to LED light bulbs. They are brighter as well. They aren't quite as energy efficient, but I don't seem to be as affected by them.

  • Most of my interior hours lights have long been transitioned to the CFLs...most of them are in standard light fixtures with glass over the bulbs or light shades.

    When I was working in an office with the standard office bulbs the sound, and the light from them would often trigger flares and migraines. As do fluorescent lights in stores, but I haven't had any issues with CFLs personally.

    EXCEPT with one open light fixture in my kitchen which I just turn off if it starts too bug me.

    Has anyone else found that the covering effects the issues you have with these bulbs? Or is it just me?

  • There are various fluorescent light diffusers and filters, some of which can block most of the ultraviolet light. You may have to spend some time on Google, but there are products out there.

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