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Update on second toe pain


Hello everyone, as promised here's an update as I went to podiatry today. He was very thorough, asked a lot about the pain and second toe and said its the two joints so no wonder extremely painful.

He's recommended I go shopping for some trainers as they will give more support and stop my toes moving up and down like a repetitive strain in my usual shoes. I'm also getting new insoles by the weekend and a follow up in 8 weeks!. Just hope it helps as I'm in awful pain!. If it doesn't my next appt is with the pain clinic in sept!.

Keep as cool and well as possible in this heat. X X

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That’s sounds promising and....new shoes! I’m very hopeful that will help. 💛


Thanks neuronerd, I'm going shopping tomorrow for them. Will update how I get on with them. Hope your as well as possible. Xx

I’m glad the podiatrist was thorough and hope the recommendations put you on the road to recovery and less pain at that. Let us know how you get on with the changes. 🤞🏼


misty14 in reply to DRunnerchick

It does give confidence doesn't it when they are thorough with us runner chick. ?.Will let you know how I get on. Thanks for your reply, hope your as well as possible. Xx

It is good that the podiatrist was so thorough. When it comes to trainers I can’t recommend Skechers enough. They are the most comfortable shoes I own. Like walking on marshmallows. I have three pairs in different colours!

Love the photo of the hedgehogs.

Hidden in reply to GloomyEeyore

I agree - Sketchers, Ecco and FitFlop are all dear but worth their light, comfy weight in gold.

Best of luck with new footwear Misty - it’s so important. I only wear various designs and colours of this group above now with some shiny Fly boots for winter. Xx

Lupiknits in reply to Hidden

Sketchers girl here. I can’t believe how comfortable they are. Hope it goes well for you Misty x

misty14 in reply to Lupiknits

I'll remember the name lupiknits, glad they help you so much. I'll let you all know how I get on. Xx

misty14 in reply to Hidden

Thanks so much twitchy, I don't care how much they cost I just need to help my painful foot!. Mind you I've always worn sensible shoes but they're too lightweight for this particular problem. You can't put a price on comfort!. Hope your dental work goes ok. You've had a lot to cope with. Xx

Hidden in reply to misty14

Well just to warn you that Sketchers etc tend also to be very light in weight. My newest Ecco shoes are too. I wonder sometimes if heavier shoes might be better for feet with neuropathy as they might ground me more? But then the thought of dragging about in heavy sandals in this heat doesn’t appeal much! But it’s still worth considering perhaps as my pal who teaches yoga says that barefoot is the way to go with arthritis and good balance/ equilibrium. And she tells me memory foam may feel great but it desensitises the messages from soles to brain! Xx

misty14 in reply to Hidden

The podiatrist I saw twitchy said I needed stronger / heavier shoes because it would stop the repetitive movement of the toes when I walk that could be giving me the pain!. We'll see what's best. At least we keep open minds which is very important. Xx

Hidden in reply to misty14

Yes this is what I’m wondering because it’s only since I started wearing comfy fit flops and sketchers that my Morton’s neuroma and the subungual corns have arrived! Before then I wore leather lace ups and quite heavy fly boots or Birghaus - as recommended by a friend with severe RA. These are much more moulded and supportive but hard to get used to. Really worth considering. Xx

misty14 in reply to Hidden

That's interesting twitchy, maybe try going back to those previous harder shoes and see if there's any difference in your feet symptoms?.Xx

misty14 in reply to GloomyEeyore

That's wonderful to hear ge as comfort for our feet is so important!. I'm going shopping tomorrow for them. Do hope you get your referral soon. Xx

So sorry you’re still in so much pain with those toes Helen but really pleased you’re getting some good podiatry help and advice 🤞fingers crossed these things will help. I was just going to recommend Skechers then I noticed gloomyeeyore’s post recommending them too, I live in Skechers shoes, trainers and winter boots, they have memory foam insoles so feel really nice underneath, , I love them they’re so comfortable, the dr in A&E said I might be able to go into a supportive trainer after my follow up appointment next week🤞

I’ve bought my Skechers from their website, Amazon and Pavers shoe shop, they tend to come up big, I’m normally a 6 but buy a 5.

I really hope these remedies will alleviate your pain.

Big Hugs

Diane 😘🌺xx

I second this: I go for them out of season on Amazon, and yes, they come up big x

Many thanks for your lovely messages Diane. It would be wonderful if you could go into a supportive shoe next week. It was great you escaped the 'big boot'. It's funny too that just like you I had fractured my left foot 18 months after I did the 5 th metatarsal on my right foot!. Maybe something in that. I reckon too you should get your Dexa scan earlier than Jan now!. Thanks so much for your helpful advice re Skechers too. I do hope this all works as I'm in so much pain. I will reply to your other messages as I'm sorry what has happened and the timing of it!.

TAKE CARE and big hugXx🌺😊💕

Yes I hope it works for you, you’ve had such a rotten time with that pain😞.

No rush to reply Helen, when you feel up to it.

Take care too and big hugs


Hi there misty, sounds like good advice even if you haven’t got a definite cause of the pain. I have found footwear a big help in the past , I thought I had gout 15 years ago and i got a pair of very solid ecco shoes which really helped, i have since found memory foam really comfortable, I like the Adidas memory foam . Good luck with your shopping 🛍. I am looking for nice elegant comfortable shoes/sandals for a wedding- they don’t exist ☹️

Love your little friends, you are obviously looking after them as they look really healthy. Take care, xxx

Ps basin of ice in this weather is great of the toes X

misty14 in reply to weathervane

Lovely hearing from you weathervane and the help you got from changing shoes!. I've just bought a pair of trainers, had to be Nike for the wider fit but they're much more comfortable and my foot feels more supported!. I feel I might be able to walk more in them with less pain!. Hope so!.

Good luck with your shoe shopping, do find it tiring!. Is the wedding soon?. Not easy finding what you want!.

Hope your son is doing well and thanks for ice tip for feet!. I've got a nice cool pad. Hope your coping in the heat. TAKE CARE and glad you liked our prickly family!. It's nice to do our bit to help them, love watching them at night!. Beats tv!. Xx

Glad you have comfortable shoes, you’ll not want to take them off . My son is doing well 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 and coping with hot weather better than me , my hair goes into a frizzy mess , never was like this until I started treatment ☹️☹️. Take care and stay cool, more hedgehog photos needed xxx

misty14 in reply to weathervane

You take care too weathervane in this heat. Glad your son is doing well. Too right I don't want to take them off!. Good luck with your shoe shopping and enjoy the wedding. TAKE CAREXx

Thanks, not optimistic on shoe front 🙄speak soon xxx

Hi Misty

Hope you found some good trainers and that they are doing the trick.

I like the heat as it means I can get about in flip flops. However for doing a decent amount of walking my new Cloudsteppers from Clarks are fab.

Love the snap of the hedgehogs - so cute!



misty14 in reply to Joy_1

Hi joy

Lovely to hear from you, hope you banished that nasty chest infection!. I did get some great trainers thanks , more comfy and supportive and makes walking a lot easier. I've still got the pain in my toe and it's hurting at the back of it now which is new although it's been helped by the new trainers. Still awaiting my new insoles which I hope will help and have follow up with podiatry end Sept and pain clinic mid sept to hipefully help it. I'll make a note of your cloud steppers shoes, sound lovely too. Do hope you have a good week and thanks for replying. Xx

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