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Thank you

Thank you ,

I understand that you cannot interpret my results , as a doctor/ consultant should , I suppose it is just impatience .These bloods were taken 1st week of December and just went back to GP yesterday because of pain and no treatment.

I was just puzzled at the line of the DSDNA antibodies . I didn't know whether my result was 78.4 or 1.4 .

The consultant did give me a leaflet , so I have looked Lupus up. How bad is it that if my results do point to Lupus I will be somewhat relieved because at least I know what I have got to deal with.

So far I've been told its just depression, menopause, then I tested positive for TPO antibodies and told could be Thyroiditis., With only fluoxetine as a medication (which I withdrew from 6 months ago ) this has now been going on for the last 2 years and I like others am fed up with being in pain , but no definite cause .

Thanks once again for your swift replies, I really appreciate your advice.

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Maybe you could call a nurse and ask what the numbers are if you are having a problem reading them.

I know it's frustrating having to wait. I found something mysterious on a heart test and I have been waiting six months to see my doctor to see what it means. But if they don't call me I don't worry. Well, maybe a little.

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Sorry for your problems and inability to get a diagnosis. I am a DR. in the USA. Forget about ANA results as 2% of people with Lupus will show a negative ANA. As for you DS-DNA results, if it is 78.4 (never heard of one that high - I guess it depends on the lab doing the results).......that would be an extremely high positive for Lupus, 1.4 would be a negative for Lupus. The presence of TPO antibodies in your blood suggests the cause of thyroid disease is an autoimmune disorder such as Hashimotos Thyroiditis. You either have it or you do not. If there is no evidence of any problems, most DR's will take a wait and see approach. If you have it and are having symptoms of underactive thyroid, many DR's will prescribe Synthoid -T3 (I would personally never prescribe a generic T3 hormone drug). Some Endocrinologists in the USA will also prescribe Cytomel [T4] (liothyronine) along with a T3 drug (Synthroid). Your body does not make makes T3 which the body converts to T4. T4 is the form utilized by the body for metabolism. I hope I have helped you a little.

Dr. S


Thank you,

your information has really helped . On lab report reference range is ;

Negative: less than 0.7

Equivocal: 0.7-1.0

Low Positive: 1.0 - 4.0

Moderate Positive: 4.0 -10

Strong Positive : > 10.0

Personally I would have thought that 78.4 would have some kind of statement by it , like High or Strong positive, but the line literally reads like this;

Reference range as above , followed by

**Unexpected Numeric Value found: 0.4 (0 - 0.69)** Original Result "CTD Screen (ANA)"

Laboratory procedures = 78.4 IU/mL Original Result "DSDNA ANTIBODIES" 1.4 iu/mL (0 - 9.9)

That's why I was so confused, to me it all looked negative, but I don't understand where the 78.4 fits in , and why they put unexpected numeric vale when the numbers fall within range .

Once again thanks for your comments, I really appreciate it .


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