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Thank you to Doncaster Lupus Group

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Today both myself and Silvermyst attended the Doncaster Lupus Group who meet regularly at a local venue. We would like to thank the whole group for their kindness and warm welcome. We enjoyed a wonderful two hours together having lunch and getting to know each other. It was also so nice to hear from the members that have had this condition a long time and who are managing their condition. It was so reassuring to be able to just feel like we could be ourselves and talk openly about the condition and the changes that it brings.

We were also really touched that we were met at the train station and shown to the venue. The Doncaster members also gave us some ideas for setting up the Sheffield Lupus Group which plans to meet on the 23rd March (more details to follow on this).

Thanks once more to the Doncaster Group and we hope to visit you again at your next meeting on the 9th March. It will also be lovely that once the Sheffield Lupus Group is established to invite you to join us too.

Our thanks too to Lupus UK for making this all possible.

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Looks like things are moving along nicely, look forward to hearing more.

Iam from Doncaster could you email me the contact details?

Thank you

Luppychick x

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I'll send you a private message with contact details now.

Hi, If you contact/message Paul at Lupus Uk then he will be able to give you the Yorkshire contacts who will be able to put you in touch with the Doncaster group x


I'm glad to hear that you had a good time at the Doncaster meeting.

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Cheers Paul, and I'm also assisting with the Sheffield Lupus Group too and looking forward to meeting new people there. Exciting times:) Hope you are all well at HQ!

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We're very busy, but doing fine. Thanks for asking. It is all very exciting that a Sheffield group will be up and running again. Thank you for helping to make that happen.

Hi everyone, is there a next meeting planned for the Doncaster Lupus Group ?? Thank you

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