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Thank you for supporting me after unsatisfactory appointment with allergy consultant recently



I want to say thank you everyone for support.

I recently visited an allergy consultant. He was more interested in diagnosing symptoms as, 'all in my head', than discussing autoimmune diseases. He stopped me discussing my point of view.

After venting on this site, and getting fantastic support here, I telephoned PALS at the hospital to discuss my experience at the appointment.

PALS staff were very interested and launched an investigation.

Today, I received a letter following my dissatisfaction.

I am pleased to share with you that, the consultant in question, sends apologies for his less than sensitive approach.

Furthermore, he accepted that he has limited knowledge of sjogrens disease (I am hypothyroid, sjogrens syndrome, connective tissue disease diagnosed. Query lupus), and says he is sorry, that he may have belittled the symptoms and impact of the disease.

I am happy to have received this letter, as I see it as one small victory, for all (of us), who suffer with autoimmune disease.

Please, please, let us each consider complaining about such medics.

Surely, they need reminding that we are partners in our care plan.

It is not acceptable that they make improper diagnosis, especially given, they are not knowledgeable on autoimmune disease.

We have more than enough to contend with, without being made to feel 'symptoms are all in our head'.

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Well done!! You've educated a medic about auto immune and there are plenty more who need it! I think it is vital that we speak up when we are belittled. In my experience it is always because the medic has extremely limited knowledge and the patient has extremely extensive knowledge. However exhausting you must have found all of that just think that if that doctor comes across another patient with an autoimmune disease they will not be subjected to the negative experience that you had and that is all down to you. Nice one!

Thank you happytulip. Together we are stronger and can make a difference.

WOW🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟: GRRRREAT result

Well Done webar: your post is a wonderful testimonial for both our forum + PALS...not to mentioned you: one courageous person ✌️✌️✌️

👏👏👏👏👏 coco

Thank you coco,

Yes PALS did a good job fighting patients corner.

My own 'courage', comes from the support I find here, as well as the sharing of experiences. What one suffers most of us has, is or will suffer when dealing with autoimmune..

I own up to a bit of ego entering the fray too... lol.. I was a little bit 'niffed'. Treating me as brainless, anxious, whatever,.. and not allowing me to voice an opinion, during the appointment, did p... me off!


That's not really ego it's self esteem - and there is a difference I feel Webcar. Some ignoramous consultant tried to knock your self esteem with a sledgehammer and you bravely fought back and won! You're a proper Sjögren's warrior! And I totally agree with you about this HU community - it's the business💃👌🏼

Yay for you and patient power, webar! As others have said, your act of courage and determination will make a difference to the people who follow. good to hear of a consultant who is able to eat a piece of humble pie, too! x

Totally agree with Twitchy saying it's not ego, but self esteem. So many of us have been, and feel we are, treated as if we have little intellect, are patronised, or treated as "worried well". Educating a medic deserves a prize 🍾


Well done Webar4780 . I have just read your post & am very impressed with your actions. You are very courageous and now, one unaware consultant has learnt just how important it is to listen to the voice of their patient! Very Best Wishes xx Pixiewixie

Good on you webar4780

It's not easy to follow through with a complaint when we aren't in great health, more of us need to take a leaf out of your book 📚

Only then will the medics pay heed 👌🏻

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