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Hello just a quick update, since my last post I have been off work, iv'e been to the doctors and she has told me I have chondritis, she has given me anti inflamatries but they are making my stomach really bad, im still in a lot of pain and finding it hard to get up and ready, I told the doctor that my letter says I have dsdna and she said you have a auto immune diesease but wouldn't confirm Lupus. Im going back today to see if she can change the meds and get me into see a rheumy quicker than Feb, I have a little girl so I need to get back on my feet asap, my partner is a really big support alrhough we don't live together so we are currently staying with him, im very independent though and im itching to go home and back to work.

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  • Good luck with your appointment today. Please let us now how you get on. Fingers crossed that you can get an earlier appointment than Feb with a rheumatologist.

  • Hi after seeing the doctor yesterday she has taken me off the inflamatries and told me to just take cocodamal, I have managed to get appointment cancellation with a rheumy this Thursday

  • are you off work because of the chondritis? or the meds?

  • Off work

  • Im back in work today but I was off with the pain of the chondritis and the pains in my body got a lot worse esp in my back and neck, also I have been really stiff and had no energy the last few days

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