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I go back to work tomorrow after having 4 weeks off due to the exhauation / tiredness, / etc, This is the longest amount of time off in one go, due to Lupus, up till now most has been 3 days.

Not sure how I feel, It doesn't help that I'm not actually enjoying my job at the moment, basically 2 teams amalgamated so spent from Jan - April cross training, plus preasure of work still having to be done, also been coping with husband who has been off work since middle of Jan with severe depression.

So I'll go back tomorrow and know I'll have a back to work meeting, you know the kind of thing, How are you ? are you well enough to be back ? what can we do to help ? I have got one of the leaflets from Lupus UK ( the one Someone you know may have Lupus ) to give them which might help them umderstand maybe ! I am also going to ask them to get the access to work peolpe in to see if they can sort out a different key board, I find that an hour on the lap top is enough to make the hands ache / hurt, difficulut when that's your main tool to do you job.

Will see how I get on, they might suggest that I do part time to start with, I know that the exhaustion is going to be the biggest problem.

How have any of you coped when going back to work ? If so any help would be appreciated.

I will write another blog tomorrow to let you know how I get on, that is unless to tired

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  • Hi last year I had a really bad time and was of work for 6 months and when I was due to go back I lowered my hours to 22 per week I couldn't cope doing full time now more. I just had flear up after flear up and was adviesed by my doc at St toms to lower my hours they still think 3 days is to much and at the min I am understanding the concerns as I also are due back tomorrow. After having 3 weeks off. I will have to ask a friend to pick me up as I don't feel able to drive. But willing to have a go at going back into the office, when they ask me how I feel I just tell them. Rough as normal. Are u fit to be back at work no but that don't pay the bills, my company come and do home visits and this also causes stress I think. Makes u feel like ur doing something wrong when ur not, well on that note I need a nap good luck tomorrow x Kelly

  • Thnaks Kelly, Hope you get on ok as well, I was expecting a home visit from work , but that didn't happen this time, I have kept them informed since being diagnosed last June, but not sure they understand the complex nature of the wolves ! and the effects they have on us! good kuck tomorrow x Jackie

  • Hope your day back to work went ok

  • Lupus also comes under a disability I have many issues and I am also registered disabled with my local council. Do to the problems I have. Hope all goes well tomorrow and if ur finding it hard to do full days they can break u in slowly back to work fase. Slowly build you back in ask your boss as over doing things can knock u back down take things slow xxxKelly

  • Yikes! Only just read these comments. I have my bosses doing a home visit on me in half an hour. Dreading it. I know I have gone over my sickness entitlement but their complaint is that I go back to work before I am ready, can't win. Good luck and any tips would be appreciated.

  • Hi hope your home visit went ok, haven't had one of those as yet, thats the trouble we think we ar eok, but our mind and bodies dont

  • Hi dont worry to much i was off work over a year and two months, and when i went back to work, i went in a couple of hours a day slow start. I was covered under the disabilty act at work due to my illness as i was very ill where i was in hospital for four months. Do not let your boss bully you, it also depends on how long you have been working for the company. Take it easy, as i do it has been six months back at work and i have decide to work 3 days only and it has worked ok for me as i get tax credits as well so that tops it up.

  • Was meant to have a back to work meeting today, but had more people from other teams asked how I was, team leader didn't even ask how I was. Did meet one of HR people, who said that she would chase team leader re back to work meeting. was going to sugest a phased back to work but that hasn't happened yet !! I got to about 3.20 then just couldn't do anymore, so told them I was going home,then had hour & halfs sleep,

    Will see how I feel, and if I go back tomorrow, will ask for back to wok meeting tomorrow

  • Hope things went better the second time, let us know how you got on.

  • Hi Kelly

    You must do a phase return to work as you will burn out easily. I was off work for 6 months in hospital for 4 months on dialaysis that was diffcult. I am off dialsysis form 2006 and just gicving God praise. We reccently had restructing and therefore seek to take voluntary redunancy for which they agreed I am going to try looking for part time work when I have fully relaxed so take it easy. Who cares if your team leader want to ask you if you okay every dog has it's day so do not worry. Norma

  • Hi Norma Glad you are off dialsysis, and that part time work suits,

  • Second day back, and after leaving early yesterday must have had some effect as team leader was concerned today, still didn't have back to work meeting, as waiting for one of the other managers to come back. I told team leader that I hadn't been off with just a cold, and gave her the Lupus UK booklet - Someone you know may have Lupus, I also gave her a copy of the things I wanted to discuss and meeting, and just told her that I would be doing half days for while and that it would be on a day to day basis, She was ok about it, (couldn't be much else) Find its my hand that are aching far more from using keyboard / mouse, one of the things want to talk about n meeting is getting access to work people in to see if they can help. Will continue to see what happens

    Thanks to all who have shared theiir experiences and given advise. This site really does help

  • Hi all lovely to meet you all I am new to this site and lupus . Already I feel I have found help and reassurance reading your stories . I was only diagnosed a week ago and have been off sick for 4 weeks and really don't feel well at all I have just started medication - I too am expecting a visit from my boss and also dreading it as she can't see how ill I feel rather than how I look . I can't see me getting back this week or next and starting to worry about my time off . I worked in my job for 27 years and never been off sick I work pt then pt self employed so the biggest part of my salary has gone been off ill .

    Just need reassurance that been off a while is normal when first diagnosed thanks x

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