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Problems at work

Im really worried i could loose my job,was off 3 different times last year with my lupus,occupational health said im covered under dissability equality act,i have never been pulled up for performance at work,last few year it has been my attendance,i have worked there 12 year,HR and my line manager said if im off within next 3 mths,i go down capability route,could get dismissed,my consultant at hosp said the stress of this,isnt right,its harrassment,i have asked for referral back to occup health,hopefully they can get them to understand,my methotrexate injections increased,feel a difference but so scared i take ill and i have to be off,does anyone know if my work can do this to me,i asked if they knew what lupus was,they said no,rheumatologist and my doc has wrote to them explaining but doesnt make any difference.x

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Hi, I'm in a similar predicament. And probably a lot of others too who have fought hard to keep our jobs despite being ill so often. I'm not blessed in having a working partner who can support me if I give up my job. I don't have enough to retire early and make ends meet.

Yes, I understand an employer has a right to expect their employees to turn up for work and earn their wage. But you'd like to think after many years of faithful service, they'd cut you some slack in your hour of need. After all, you didn't do this to yourself.

Good luck with your health and employer


If i was still with my husb,i would definately reduce hours,its such a worry,having threat of loosing job if i take ill,however paul is sending me booklet regarding work issues.x


Hi JeffScott

You need to ring your Union ASAP

I will be going through the same situation next week and I have got my Union involved.

They talk about reasonable adjustments before the employer can even think of capabilities

If no Union find CAB or legal representation ASAP

Best of luck xx


Iv had reasonable adjustments made,but its when i have a flare up,i feel so sore like flu and keep taking sinus infections,i cant cope with work when i have a bad flare up,union rep has come with me to HR meetings and she said they can take me down capability route but it long process,consultant said it doesnt see right as it is a chronic illness and taking serious meds to keep it at bay.





My understanding is that time off work due to Lupus cannot be counted towards your sickness rate.


Thanks for reply,how can i find out for definate,feel am hitting my head off brick wall at work,feel they think im at it,despite letters from my rheumy and GP.


Hi Jeffscott69,

I'm sorry to hear that you are facing this stress at the moment. If you take sick leave due to your lupus, your employer should disregard these absences when considering any disciplinary issues, performance measures or selection criteria for promotion or redundancy. However, you will be subject to the company's normal sick pay policy.

Have your employers made any adjustments to help you manage better in your current role?

We have a booklet called, 'When an Employee has lupus - An employer's guide' which may be helpful for you to provide to your manager. It may help give them a better understanding of lupus and the effects it may have on you. You can view and download our employment guides at lupusuk.org.uk/working-with... or if you would like me to post you some copies, just send me a private message or email paul@lupusuk.org.uk with your name and address.


I understand your predicament, I'm 18 and work with children with autism, the cold weather has caused my systemic sclerosis to get worse and my work are exactly the same because they can't physically see the ilness. Hope you get it sorted.


Hi EmilySmithson09, welcome to our community.

Sorry to hear that the cold weather is affecting you badly. It's worth looking at our employment guide that Paul has posted above. Here it is again: lupusuk.org.uk/working-with...

Do you have lupus as well as systemic sclerosis?



Ye I have both


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