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Hi all...l have just got back from the Dr as have been having terrible trouble with my tummy due to a hernia ...Went to see the same Dr about the same problem last week and he gave me more meds ... at the moment im only able to have soup as im getting so much acid if i eat anything else ....I was diagnosed in Dec2011 with lupus sle. I work nights and have been off of work due to joint pain and tiredness ect ect ...I have 6 children and have always worked since i was 16 even after having my babies within 3 months i was back at work so when i asked this am for my sick note to be continued the Dr looked at me saying i no you don't feel well but you really should get back to work as jobs are hard to find !!!!! im so upset and angry i just looked at him and said(holding back the tears) ive been working for 30 years thats not including bring up my family.

i think he was a bit surprised at my answer to his comment but im absolutely worn out and he has just mad me feel even more rubbish....gggggrrrrraaaaa....

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Hi Themum,

I feel for you as you feel so exhausted and unsupported by your doctor. One of the things about this condition is that you should not force yourself to work if you are still not well. It will make things worse, not better. Its clear that you are a very hard working person but need a break now. Can you go back and explain how you feel again? Don't hold back but say it as it is.

Us lupies often need to assert ourselves because others just cannot comprehend how ill we can feel as we don't look too bad.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.


Hi Jude65,

Thank you for your reply it just feels like a constant battle xxx


Hi, what an awful experience with youe dr, they should be there to offer support not career guidance!

if that was me i would deffo go back to the drs, can you see another one? and also complain about what he said, its not his job to tell you what to do about ur job, its crazy!

i hope you sort this out x


I totaly agree with Lindsay81 go see a different dr who has more empathy you should also take somebody with you for morral support .Take care hun xx


Hi thank you for your reply s xxx


Not long before I was diagnosed with SLE back in the early 90's, I had a long period of viral illness and couldn't even sit upright in a chair I was so exhausted. I was a teacher (and a single parent), so I knew I had to feel better than that to go back to work. When I asked for a certiticate for a third week off work, one of the doctors at my surgery said "Well some of us have to work even if we don't feel well" and made me feel so bad I ended up going back to work. Within a couple of months I had such a major flare of Lupus I was bed-bound for months, and ended up having to give up my job. Don't accept such lousy care from your GP - I swear that if I had had adequate time to rest back then, I may never have become so seriously ill. YOU know what is best for you, and if you have one unsympathetic GP in your practice then ask to see another one, or complain. I think what has happened to you is outrageous. It is so difficult when many symptoms of Lupus are invisible, but there is no excuse for a GP because s/he should know that, and their primary concern is (should be) your wellbeing, not your job status! I hope you get all the time you need and get a more sympathetic GP next time.


Hi Kulie13,

Thank you for your reply im sorry to hear you had such a bad experience !!! i was so upset when he spoke to me like that and im so glad my husband was with me to witness what he had said ...We were both speechless ...i wont be seeing him again any time soon..



Hi mum,

firstly I am so sorry to hear your feeling really unwell and I hope you start to feel better soon. Secondly, I can empathise totally with you I experienced the same bad attitudes in the past...some GP's think Lupus is nothing more than feeling tired...If I could recommend anything to you it would be to find a new GP who has a special interest in Lupus or Rheumatology if you cant find either just search around for one who shows compassion...I did exactly that and found an angel.

Take Care



Hi gertie, it seems to be quite common for us the patient to be treated with such contempt!!! I think the GPs need to be educated on this horrible condition and the affects it has on the patient and family... I have today started looking for a new GP surgery and fingers toes and every thing else crossed i will find an angel too xx


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