Scabby head

Has anyone had a scabby head had it for 6 yrs going insane tried different shampoos from Dr and been to my dermatologist she gave me some more shampoo and cream to use no luck as yet haven't had haircut since having scabs embarrassed my hair thin , bold patches,hair falling out my daughter brushes my hair now as I have severe pain in wrists.Please help!!!!

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  • Sorry to hear that you are having such horrible problems going on with your scalp and hair. It sounds like you have tried all the usual prescribed methods to help. Have you tried the more old fashioned remedies such as massaging in something like coconut oil (or other oils such as almond or olive although coconut is supposed to be especially good)? I have acquired psoriasis on my scalp in the last 18 months since I've been on hydroxychloroquine - apparently it's a side effect - but it isn't too bad in my case although I can't get it to actually go away. I've tried cider vinegar as well as that's often suggested but I didn't really find that it made any difference for me. I hope you get some useful tips from other people who have the same problem.

  • Hi my GP is now trying me on another shampoo as someone else mentioned it so I will try what you have used and this shampoo I will let you know the name when I collect from chemist soon thankyou so much.

  • Hi....i have scabs on my scalp. Itchyness that was making me crazy. All day and night. Went to ayuverdic care cold pressed sesame oil. Leave on 1/2 hr on your head. Wash out. I do it everyday. I even leave on overnight when i feel i need it. Did this for 4-5 months. My itchiness is 95% better. Maybe more. It itches here and there still, but i dont put it on everday anymore. It makes your soft too. Oil is natural anti inflammatory and anti fungal...look up benefits online. I also use tea tree oil shampoo. Ginger shampoo worked well too.

    Hope you feel better.

  • Hi this organic cold pressed sesame oil where would I get this please worth trying I've tried tea tree shampoo but I'm allergic to ginger so I will not try that thanks but I would try sesame oil let you know how I get on Thanks once again

  • Hi just found out where I can purchase this sesame oil I will be trying this let you know how I'm getting on Thankyou

  • take care bezza!

  • Hi Natura when you have put this sesame oil on your head does it leave it very greasy and is it hard to shampoo out what shampoo have you use after putting on sesame oil.


  • Bezza...yes,it makes you look lovely! Ha! Very oily.....i wash it out with tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner. Try not to use super hot water either,and if you can finish with cool water. Any shampoo will get it out. Makes your hair soft!

  • Yes i get these welts that start to itch then scab over I too am embarrassed to go to salon when I get these also on my face. I have tried coconut oil castor oil Se relief then comes back very cyclic and also heat fluctuations irritate or make it worse

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