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I have - or HAD - really full, thick hair. It looks thick now because most people don't really comprehend what mixed race hair is like, and assume because it's fluffy, it's thick and healthy. My hair is anything but that; when I braid it now, i want to cry at how thin the braids are. I've been wondering whether or not to just cut it all off and deal with it, or wear a wig. I don't dare to weaves or braid-ins, because the weight of the hair and the twisting makes my hair so brittle it would probably break off more than it does now. My hair is finally growing again (it didn't grow for about 6+ years) thanks to taking brazil nuts daily - yay, selenium! - but it's still very thin on top and just not as full as I'd like.

I decided to try giving some clip-in hair extensions a try for going out; there's no extensive, exhaustive process for it, they're relatively cheap, and I was able to match my hair colour and texture pretty well. Being a diva, I got the longest length I could find, and put them in when I went out on a date earlier this week.

I love them. I adore them. I'd do a half hour infomercial for clip-in hair. I couldn't believe it when I looked in the mirror - it was my old Me looking back. I bought two packs because when a sistah wants full hair, she wants FULL HAIR and I wasn't messing around. My hair was a MANE, and with these clip-ins, that's what I got. I'll post some photos at some point, but I loved it.

Seriously, if you're having issues with thin hair, and it's bashing your self-confidence a bit, do yourself a favour and give these things a try.

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  • I read something like "in some people (likely autoimmune / SLE etc), hair falls out more in Autumn as if the trees shed their leaves. I laughed at this on earth could this be called "science"? But then I noticed more hair shedding in Autumn (now). Dreadful. What medication are you on? are you flaring? I think I am.

  • I'm on golumimab, and I'm also now getting iron infusions which apparently also contribute to thinning hair. I shed like wow in any event (the amount of hair on a comb when I detangle, ugh, it's so grim). I'm going back on my supplements for Vit B-complex, Vit D, and taking my 5 brazil nuts for the selenium to see if I can balance out some of my fatigue, but I'm pretty sure none of that is going to do much if I'm not sleeping, so fingers crossed. I also do jojoba oil on my scalp to keep eczema down (evening primrose oil is really good for scalp problems, I've found). So on the whole, I'm happy my hair is at least growing for the first time in years, but the thinning out is just something I have to cope with, so I'm doing the best I can. I suppose I should be grateful I have time to dedicate to self-care, but it does sometimes feel like such a faff and energy drain messing around with my hair. Still, at the end of the day, when I go out looking my best I feel a bit better, so it pays off.

  • Hi Silvergilt, glad you're feeling more confident about your hair. I know how difficult it is to look in the mirror & not recognise yourself, esp during a flare-up. My hair is thinning out at the top & the ends look quite thin. I have Afro hair & used to braid it but the weight of the extension hair wasn't helping me. I have a natural cornrow hair style which is fine for me at the moment. Feeling confident is not just about the inside but the external as well. Onwards & upwards. Thanks for sharing your advice, it could help others. Best wishes to you!

  • Thanks for your comments! I can't get cornrows to stay because my hair is still not quite coarse enough to stay in. I did find a place which does Afro-hair clip ins as well, they're hard to find in the UK but there are a few here and there if you ever want to mix it up. I tried my first set from there but I only use those when I've done a twist out as the curls match pretty well.

  • Hi silver gilt....I use to have long thick hair too. It has thinned out to the point that I can see my scalp. I hate it. I use sesame oil on my itchy scalp, and it works fantastic . At least my scalp is not pink. But, it is still thin in spots and I have to wear my hair down.

    Funny you mentioned Brazil nuts. I saw on dr oz to eat these for thyroid problems. Which I have and contribute to hair loss. Primrose oil is used for hormonal issues according to my chiropractor. She told me to give to my daughters that are having mood swings at that time of month. I have always believed hormone swings are what's causing all our problems. Brushing skin daily with dry body brush also helps moving lymphatic system which I have been told is sluggish (hormones)

    I take vit b12, vit d, b comlplex, omega 3 and just started ubiqunol coenzyme 10 for tissue repair because of tight muscles and nerve pain I am now getting.

    I am not ready for clip ins. Plus I have grey hair. Glad you have found some help.

  • I don't sleep either. Have not found a solution for this yet.

  • I'm checking in on the u-tip fusions.

    My hair at the moment is to short for clip inns at the moment. My hair has also thinned out a lot and I have a receding hair line, it's not major but it still bothers me and so I can relate on where you are coming from.

    I'm so glad you are feeling better now and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  • Oh that's great for you!

    I had hair that came down to my waist ,thick and blonde and my husband ,god bless him,always said I looked like the woman from Splash.Lupus has taken its toll,OK thyroid cancer didnt help,but it definitely is the Lupus that makes it thin especially in a flare can lose a lot which then is a double whammy of looking rough and having extra vacuuming. Hubby picked up on my boo hoo,damn its blonde spider web on the floor time ,and looked up to see if they do clip in blonde ones long enough and it seems they do!I have been wondering how good they would look so please post some photos so I can get some kick up the backside to get some.

    Also what make,where from please.

    Great to hear some good news


  • I got mine from Cliphair, just as it says on the tin, you could google and find it. I was impressed because due to different textures of being multi-racial, I wasn't sure the clip ins would work too well, but they do. I wanted really REALLY full hair, so I went and bought two packs, but you can try one and see how you get on. I'll post a photo of the full effect.

    If you're Caucasian you can even go for some unique looks to mix it up like dip dyeing and so on. I do the 'eyeshadow colouring' on mine when I want to make an impression.

  • think have to buy one.

  • My hair was thick, now because of the lupus an the meds it is fine an breaking off I can't wear it in a ponie anymore an clip in are too much weight for my hair I guess in just going to have to cut it to a layered bob or something. I'm so glad clip ins helped you. I wonder is there any one out there like me that there hair is breaking bad an can't wear clips.?

  • I am really surprised at how light the clip ins are, tbh. It might be the combs tear at your hair?

    If you look around some of the sites for cancer patients, there are some really nice options with ponytails. And if you go the layered bob route, you could also try just doing wigs instead. Some wigs look really amazing, and I'd probably go that route if my hair was shorter.

  • My hair has been getting thin but now breaking off. My go to hair style is a ponie or bun an I looked at my hair the other day an seen it was broke all around where I were a ponie..looked it up on line an seen alot of women with lupus an the meds an thyroid problems have thinning an breaking hair. I guess I'm going to be one of them. My hair is almost to the middle of my back now. I thought with the breaking an hurting all the time that a layered bob would be better an easey on me to style for now ( better than it being the length it is an being so thin) an of I dont like it there are wigs. 😁

  • I have afro hair which has stopped growing since my transplant. The medication I take has made my hair fall out . I now have braid extensions which can be heavy but has made my hair grow. I still continue to have hair braids as they look better than my hair which was falling out. I used to take selenium, but I now take VIT D which has helped.

  • I have afro hair and miss having my cornrows so much. The bulk of my hair fell out in clumps back in 2002. Will never forget that day as the tears streamed down my cheeks as I ran my hands through my thinning fro!

    Ive had braids and glued in lace wig since but as you mentioned it pulls what left and can cause the hairline to recede.

    I've rocked wigs for years now. It's become an obsession of mine as I like to change it up going from curls, bob, cropped, big haired fros, human lace in wig form (no glue), long to shoulder length. I can be so versatile and for me it's more of an accessory which is an extention of my personality. I've shaved my hair about 3 times now as it more accommodating for the wigs. Most of all I love the fact when people can't tell it's a wig as that what I'm trying to do.....pull off a natural look.

    I'm so happy you've found something that gives you confidence with your hair. I know hairloss is such a sensitive issue. Also as lupus patients we have to sometimes take toxic chemotherapy drugs which can impact on our hair folicles.

    Great post. All the best.

    P.s. did you know you can get help with wig/hair pieces from the NHS?

  • Man, it's devastating. Friends of mine sacrificed our hair in solidarity with a friend undergoing cancer treatment, in which we did completely different things - cut it all off, I dyed mine blond, friend of mine who had gone grey at 25 stopped dyeing her hair for a month. We are are pretty confident, independent people, but mess with our hair?! Wow, that did all our heads in! So the confidence of finding something to rock with is so important, and for men too I think!

    I did know I could get help on NHS, but again, the same issue applies, my hair LOOKS thick. Most people don't really get how much it's thinned out. For now, the clip ins works for me. And I love that you're rocking wigs, if I could do that, I'd probably go as punk as possible as I used to love dyeing my hair every colour of the rainbow. Good times :)

  • Hair extensions are growing popular with the coming days. My colleague started loosing her hair at a very early age. And so she had no choice other than covering her head with hair extensions. She has now ordered cheap hair wigs online. The curly synthetic braiding hair looks good on her that she purchased from

  • Some time back! i was worried about my short hairs. I do many things to grow my hairs but all in vain. Then one of my friend tell me to use hair extension and know i have beautiful hairs. I have a personal experience so i can know its importance and give friendly suggestion to those who have hair problems.

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