getting perms and lupus & hair

Im just curious...

I so wanna get my hair permed...i rarely do it. I was ok with meds and thyroid still permed. But last perm it had seemed the perm didnt take as Ive gone thru menopause so thats a difference, and on plaquinil and have mild lupus. They suggested they zig zag the curlers on top for resistant areas?? Who cant perm their hair anymore?

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  • Morning dgleds,

    Just to clarify-do you have European or Afro-Caribbean hair? Im Afro-Caribbean, so I can shed some light on your situation. Unfortunately, Im not so well-versed with European hair.

    Having said that-even within Afro-Caribbean hair types-they are all different and can be affected differently, as Im sure you already know!

    Look forward to hearing from you!


  • english brand hair:)

  • loool-ok. Well, I cant comment too much on 'English Brand' hair, Im afraid. However, I have read the other replies-and Ive done pretty much the same in terms of a 'less-is-more approach' to my hair. And, to date, its worked wonders. Good luck with yours, :)

  • im actually canadian, but lived in uk...both my parents and everyone else is British is what I meant...

  • O, ok- no probs!

    What type of Lupus do you have, if you dont mind me asking? Discord, SLE? Forgive me, if this is going over 'old-ground'. I have SLE and suffered majoy hair-loss back in 2011, due to the changing over of my meds. I went from Mychophenolate, to Azathaoprine...not a good idea.

  • well..he said mild lupus the joints and muscles so far. I was in total shock!! I just had an ANA test that was 1:320 fine speckle, homogenous...and elevated CRP inflammation thing...thats all in the tests. I was getting thin hair for sure, but good ol thyroid helped for that one...and menopause too, i think:( Doc has me on Plaquenil, but cut body doesnt like the bigger dose he gave before..I refused steroids due to a bad reaction years just plaquenil, and synthroid...Oh and my Mom had thin fine hair , so another account against my hair;( New symptoms dry eye, and now mouth dry too...My Gran had rhumetoid arthritis bad, but that not showing in me...Waaa i need more i perm occassionally. I have to use salon shampoos and conditioners, cause other stuff is the ruination of my sclap and hair...

  • sorry for such a delayed response, im feeling much more fatigued over the last few days-so lots of early nights...not sure whether to :) or :( about that??

    It sounds like you have had loads going on, but despite that you sound extremely determined to persevere and rightly so!

    You have just reminded me that I really do need to pay more attention to my ANA counts, etc. I try not to look at that stuff...its bad I know, but as long as Im feeling good within myself thats enough for me!

  • ive been more tired lately too..even with plaquinil...

  • I haven't permed my hair for years. I used to perm my own hair.I do however dye it and don't have any problems. I recall dying it once when I had a bad cold and it didn't take, so I'm wondering if it has anything to do with my immune system being low at the time.

  • To be honest my hairdresser strongly advised against perming/colouring simply because she had no idea what would happen, so I just went with her recommendation and changed my hair style, sometimes you just have to 'go with the flow' and go grey gracefully.

  • Hi Dgleds

    I'm on plaquinil too. In the past I've had my hair permed many times with no ill effects. However, I no longer perm my hair. The last time I did it went so frizzy and dry, despite being in very good condition to start with, that my hairdresser won't do it again. I have it coloured every so often (she says I am too young to go grey) with a conditioning colour and so far have been fine! Even had highlights this time!!!

  • Hi just a word of caution!!

    I'm on plaquinel too but decided to risk having hair lightened so I've just had a dramatic hair overhaul....I'd grown hair out with natural salt n pepper but as hair coming out decided to have it cut short and coloured to give me a lift....

    yeah right... my hair broke off at the crowns ..yes I have double I have tufts they're growing slowly....hey it's an individual look and I do sometimes feel a bit conscious but on the whole it's made me feel a bit better....just please be careful good luck xxx

  • ok thanks

  • ok...permed....

    this lady knew her stuff...used different technique and rolled rods forward in my part area..looks like it took! oh lets hope so...less fuss in the mornings, and a do is good for u...

  • I haven't dyed my hair for 12 months now, as I'm scared to. I usually do it myself. But I have sores on my head and hair thinning and some small bald patches here and there. My usual hair dresser doesn't want to dye it for me but another said she'd double cap my head ? So no dye went on my scalp. Just too scared to do it though. Hair is in crap condition, brittle and lank. Anyone dyed theirs?

  • if you use conditioner or shampoo, make sure you buy from the hair salon...they are better (like redken etc). That might help a little...

  • Thank you, I'm grateful for all advice.

  • oh your welcome:) I just know I cant use any stuff I might buy from drugstore(chemist/boots etc)..or where ever else...I have to use product right from hair dresser shop...I haven't lived in Uk for long time, but I know they had Redken in salons....Over here in Canada its Redken, joico, AG, some salon brands...but just ask a good salon stylist about makes a huge difference.

  • ps/might cost slightly more, but lasts way longer too

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