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Medical Exemption: Do I Qualify?

Hi all, I have recently been diagnosed with Lupus and over the last month have been given lots of medication. I was complaining to the pharmacist about the cost yesterday and she gave me a medical exemption form to complete and said I qualify for free prescriptions. However, on reading the form I'm not sure I do: part one of the form asks you to tick a box from a list of medical conditions and non of them seem to apply to me. Can any advise?


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Hi. I too couldn't see where it would apply on the form so I just bought a year pre payment one to save money that way. Cost £104.


Hi KGipp,

Lupus itself doesn't actually qualify for medical exemption at the moment. However, some people with lupus may qualify if they also have an overlapping condition which is on the exemption list (such as; hypoadrenalism, hypoparathyroidism, diabetes or epilepsy).

If you do have more than one prescription per month, then it is worthwhile to get a prescription prepayment certificate, as this will cover all your prescription for roughly £10 per month. nhs.uk/NHSEngland/Healthcos...


What meds do you take? I get medical exemption for under active thyroid.

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I use to pay monthly for a prepayment prescription then I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid which meant I qualified for free prescriptions.



I qualify for free prescriptions, because my GP knows I am unable to leave the house without my mum or sister. I think that may come under the heading of House bound. I get that from my GP though.

I am also not working, I receive ESA & in receipt of a low income.

You may also qualify, it is worth looking into it by phoning up the telephone number on the form that the pharmacist gave you. Good luck.


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