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ESA Medical !!


I have Lupus SLE, Behcets Disease, Underactive Thyroid and Depression and Chronic Pelvic Pain as well as Osteoarthritis.

I received a letter yesterday requiring me to attend a medical next Saturday, for me to continue receiving the ESA Benefit.

Is there anyone who has been to one recently and are there any tips you can give me please. I hate going to these and haven't had to go for a while, so I am dreading having to go.

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The best advice, IMO, is to be found here: Lupus UK is a member and has most of its advice links also. Can't recommend the site too highly, nor joining Lupus UK. Benefits & Work was originally the brain-child of a couple of disabled barristers and has become my foremost go-to for anything benefit-related. Good luck!

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Hi tigerlilly4, many thanks. I'll go and have a look at the website you mentioned. Xx


Good luck. I hope you are awarded ESA again. I've found out recently I lose mine next March so I have to find work.


Hi Sylviaweller_79,

I'm really sorry to hear that Sylvia, this is what I'm absolutely dreading.

This is why I'm trying to find out as much information as I can, there is no way I can work, I spend most of my time flat on my back, but then again I suppose I could always be a mattress

I'm sorry you have to find work next year, good luck in finding a nice job xxx


Thank you :) to be honest I don't think you will have a problem. For one thing it sounds like you have a lot more problems than me. A few years ago I would still be awarded ESA but now my lupus seems to be in remission. The only problem is the medical people don't seem to recognize lupus, and because we appear to look well that doesn't reflect how we feel. Just be honest with them, and if all else fails appeal against the decision :) I wish you all the luck in the world x

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Oh bless you....thanks very much !!

They actually terrify the pants of I can't open a brown envelope unless my mum is with me cause I'm just terrified they are going to send me back to work. I had a really bad experience at my last job when I had my depression, and I've now almost got a phobia about it.

But thanks for your lovely comment and I wish you all the best with it all xxx


Hi Georgie

I haven't got any experience of an ESA medical, luckily haven't had to go but some advice I can give is to take someone with you. Also if your not happy with the outcome go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau who will advise what you can do!. With all your health problems you shouldn't be needing to go!. Good luck for SaturdayX


Hi Misty14,

Thanks very much, I'm taking my mum with me for moral support. I can't stand going to these medical, as I never feel I explain myself properly, and then when I come out I think "oh why didn't I say that".

But yeah, thanks very much for your support xxx


Hi Tigerlilly4,

Thanks very much for your advice on going to that website I have found it absolutely helpful.

I urge anyone who is going to a medical to go and subscribe to this as it is eye opening as to what they look for when you go for a medical.

Thanks very much indeed.



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