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Jobcentre and Medical centre????

Had my medical essay to fill in last month which i did.. Took me what seemed like forever, but answered truthfully. The last time i filled it in i had to go and see someone face to face.. I recieved a letter from the jobcentre plus this morning awarding me esa... I did not think the job centre and the medical place ( where i had to send the form back too were connected??? ) Just wondering is that it now? or can the Medical place over ride the decision? Its bad enough coping with Lupus without all the sodding paperwork attached !! Feeling really down and grumpy and i could cry with feeling so fed up all the time :-((((( Sometimes wonder whats the bloody point. Everyday is getting harder to get through... close my eyes and not wake up seems a better option right now... Just having a moan... sorry !!!

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I am also in receipt of ESA. I have been getting it for quite a few months now. It is instead of Income Support and your money should go up!! I hope this makes you feel a bit better x


Thanks Jes, I have recieved it for the past year but had to fill in the re-newal form. I just cant remember weather it was the job centre or the medical place i heard from last time... Kind of prone to mental blocks,

Thanks again x


Hi RebecccaAnn

Just want to say I am feeling for you. I am also on ESA and felt exactly the same when filling in forms 7 months ago. You just feel too ill to do it. I spoke to ESA on the phone but I was not renewing like you are. I found them a pain as they lost my forms - keep copies of anything you fill in. I hope you get it sorted quickly. Take care as the stress will do you no good either. x


hi what is esa im new to this and dont know all the abreviations x


Hi Helen. I googled it as I dont know much about it either. I'm 65 so dont need benefits like this one. Its full name is Employment and Support Allowance and it replaces Job Seekers Allowance and Incapacity benefits as far as I can tell

here's a link if you want to know more about it

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..and an even better one


Hi Helen,

I have just been placed on ESA too, but contributions based as my husband works. Just to let you know that the government budget has just anounced that contributions based esa are only for one year only. This is helpful at the moment, however I'm unsure of what can be claimed when my year runs out in September. Good luck with your claim too.


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