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esa medical assesment

went for medical for esa yesterday . in pain today she took blood pressure told her its giving pins & needles in arm she said its alright was not her bloody arm .then testing my reflexs tapping my arms legs so joints killing today . she didnt seem to know about lupus and said apart from fatigue, kidney damage,joint pains ,swelling ,migranes is there any thing else wrong . dont you think we suffer enough . how do these people get to me a medical assesor.

rant over thanks x

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well said x


Sadly, because of the people that fiddle the system, the genuinely unwell have to pay the price! I am lucky enough to still be at work, but I dread the day coming where I need to try and claim benefits and be at the mercy of people who don't seem understand how hard life can be.Why should you have to describe how crap you feel?

When I am well, like now, I forget just how bad I have been and doubt i would be able to describe how awful it can be, so what happens if your assessed on a good day?

Good luck,



Mostly I work from home for that reason! The pay is worse & depends on me being ABLE to work. I dread my new GP saying she doesnt wa nt me working then I have to go through all this, like my last gp. Im still alive, I have a child to provide for & bills to pay! Keep us posted how you get on.


my lupus has been under good control, i had a sanctioned placed on me for no reason, so i took a 4 month job, in a warehouse where i was used like a slave, know ive finished my health is really suffering, ive got carpal tunnel damage, arthritis in my knee, heel spur syndrome in my feet. everyone telling me i should be on esa, but i dont want to go on because of these tests.


thanks for all you comments . i will let you know how i get on,i know how hard it is getting esa but i dont know how i can pay bills & give the kids things they need.



Hope you get a result in your favour!

I had an appointment for one then out of the blue the company conducting the medicals rang me to tell that my medical had been cancelled as they had enough information from my reports, So I'm in limbo now as I don't quite know what this means, They said they would put it in writing so hope it arrives soon.


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