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Sore Throat

Hi all, I posted my first post on friday as I had just been diagnosed & was a bit in shock. Since then I have had a horrendous sore throat & high temp all weekend after being in the bright sunshine for around half an hour on friday afternoon. Is this linked to the lupus just curious as I have had so many bouts of tonsillitis over the past couple of years that the anti-biotics don't really work on me anymore. xx

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It's could be a co incidence as there are a lots of bugs around at the moment. If anything when I'm out in the sun is an intense itchy rash. If you still feel yuk, check it out with doc, hope you feel better soon.

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It is very possible. Might be the sunlight causing a flare and the flare caused the sore throat. I have noticed I get strange symptoms for the strangest of reasons. From being in sunlight, to be I g under uv lighting, to being too tired to actually having a virus. I've had sore throats, sore ears, sore chest and the list goes on.

But, like Chris21 says, if it doesn't go away after resting a few days get medical advice.

Fingers and toes crossed for you 😃😃

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thankyou so much for the replies

I ended up with emergency gp appointment yesterday as I developed a persistant cough & wheezing in my chest turns out I have a throat infection as well as a chest infections so more anti-biotics :-) xx


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