Sore throat, nausea and headache

Just recently had a cold and now I have symptoms again of sore throat, nausea and headaches first one it was treated with antibiotics I have had a flu jab in September I did go doctors today and I dont no who this idiot was but he didnt give me nothing to treat it and was so unprofessional he answered his mobile whilst talking to me please does any one have any home tricks remedies for feeling better especially for the nausea and headache thanks


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  • Hi. Sounds like the virus that I had. Had it for about 6 weeks in the end.

    Also had flu jab and got it a few weeks after.

    Horrible virus. Terrible tummy and flu symptoms.

    My sister has had it come back 4 times in a row.

    Hope you get well soon

    Jo x

  • This is an annoying process it finish and it comes back again the immune system is so weak it cannot function right to help get rid of the stupid cold im really at the end of my tether as I start work on monday its a new job in a nursery I do not want to muck up by taking any time of

  • I had exactly the same and had flu jab. Think just SLE being active and having a flare. Have been off work for a month and rest is key. I was on steroids. Hot water , lemon and ginger. Eat soups and smoothies and sleep.

  • same here had the flu jab but because of this cold im also getting pain in my head and jaw. I've been get a few pains in my chest and back to. It's driving me up the wall too

  • Hi..I can relate to you..back in November I had cold and flu and my doctor's gave me flu jab..omg after that I was I'll for good four weeks and in bed..I think with lupus flu jab reacts bad.I'm talking hydroxcholoquine 200mg one a day..I'm also 15weeks pregnant and I'm getting nausea..iv asked my rheumo doctor and he said its one of the side effects of the meds plus the med isn't EC so his giving me ones which are easy on the stomach..

  • Hi Danielle, I also have had a cold with a throat and chest infection. I was also violently sick for 48 hours. I had antibiotics from the doctor. I was fine for 2 days after finishing the tablets and now it's all back again! I haven't returned to the DR's as I hate going lol and feel it's just typical of Fibro to have an illness twice as long as a healthy person. Your Dr does sound very unprofessional tho! Hope you feel better soon! Xx shell

  • I have had it for over 2 weeks treated with antibiotics fine for another week then I get sore throat before a cough then the nose all starts again doctor an absolute pain no idea what to do drinkig lemon and honey tea and honey and chamomile, homemade soup and raw garlic helps but is not completely shifting it I start a new job on monday I do not want to have to take time out cause some people dont understand the effects that a deliberating immune system illness can effect small small issues like a common cold by not shifting them quickly

  • It could be the nasty virus thats been going round. My consultant said it could take months to shift completely. The consultant said it was nasty so i am guessing its a bad one this year.

  • So sorry you're not feeling well. I had a horrible cold for two weeks. I think somewhere on here I read about taking a tablespoon of honey with cinnamon a few times a day and I did that plus I usually get sinus headaches and used the netty potty and over the counter sinus pills with tylenol. I also got a huge container of orange juice and drank a lot of herbal tea--lemon with ginger and throat coat by Yogi teas. I usually have a longer cold so something above worked. I think cleaning the sinus with salt rinses and drinking lots of liquids helps. Feel better.

  • The flu vaccine in the US is only 23% effective. If it was or is the flu, you would also have spiked a fever. I think you just have a challenged immune system and are vulnerable to germs. I am constantly cleaning and doing laundry to try and keep flu away. I avoid crowds in flu season and also try and stay warm and not get over tired. The only "home remedy" is to try and do the above.....don't count on a vaccine to keep the germs away. We cut way back on our social life during flu season to try and stay healthy. Living in Florida has made a huge difference. You can only do that when you retire......

  • I use ginger and make teas, garlic, onions and herbs such as thyme, oregano, bay and basil, etc. I use muscle testing to find out what my body can take, but resting is a good idea and meditating even concentrating on your body healing itself. I would not have a flu jab - have read they can cause an abnormal immune reaction in those susceptible and with my immune system, I am pretty sure I am 'susceptible.'

    Take care and trust your body, but also listen to it because the body really does know how to heal itself given the right conditions.

  • Always say this as i find it to be true,,,,,

    You have to cut back on the mucus producing foods.

    Then whilst doing this drink plenty of hot fluids.

    As others have said you probably more at risk as the lupus treatments lower your immunity. I have ongoing colds and infections especially during the winter.

    Cayenne pepper in hot water with some honey helps to reduce sore throats as it counters many types of bacteria that may cause sore throats.

    The nausea and headaches are often due to mucus buid up and congestion.

    You have to make dietary choices that will be of benefit to you and not exacerbate the condition.

    Keep your vitamin c and vitamin d levels at optimum levels to give yourself the best chance of fighting infections or warding them off in the first place.

  • I have an appointment soon. I have no voice, sore throat, on and off temp. Very itchy rash on upper arms and legs and a lot of headaches of late. My urine has had a strong smell for awhile. I did have a scaly like sore on one leg and one arm. Took months to clear up. My eyes crust up badly every day...I also have fibromyalgia. Sounds like I have lupus too.

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