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If everyone could watch this movie tomorrow night, maybe some or all will identify the link between highly sensitive people, and automimmune disease. Was wondering if anyone else connected this yet. Elaine Aron has written many books on the subject, and has finally made a film that will be live streamed on sept 10, 2015 at 7:30pm EPT. Please find and watch! Maybe very insightful.

You can find on Facebook, Sensitive....picture of little boy....

There may be hope! At least for awareness. I have know I am highly sensitive for about 14 yrs. never understood myself growing up...was hit for being overwhelmed....

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  • Hi there what channel is it on ? In the UK ?

  • On computer.....Livestream.com.....look for highly sensitive, the movie.

  • I've been that way my whole life also... humm...

  • Hi Natura, thanks for the info. I've always been sensitive. I'll find the film online & watch it. Hopefully it'll be a revelation. If you're interested, I'll reply again with my thoughts on the film (at some point) so we can discuss how the film relates to us. Since the Lupus & 4 other medical conditions have been more active, I've been hyper-sensitive & more protective of myself. It has made me stronger to express myself but caused a lot of confusion in my relationships as it's changed me (for the better) but has been a shock for those who think they known me.

  • Mag...what did you think of the film? I liked it. I want to go on a retreat someday. I usually cant get afford because of responsiblities to children, and money of course...but would love to attend one.

  • Hi Natura, sadly I missed the date & time given. I've got the Livestream app but haven't been able to find the film 😔 Do you have a direct URL link pls? Looks like an interesting film

  • Mag...no...i cant find either. Had to pay for, so its probably gone. They said only 48 hrs. It will be on dvd eventually. .maybe can go on elaine arons, highly sensitive website.

  • sounds like a very interesting film. I've always been sensitive too. It's my twins birthdays today so I probably won't get a chance to watch it but I eagerly wait to hear what you think!

  • ps I currently have 2 cute kittens asleep on me - which makes typing this quite tricky!

  • Dryad....live streamed for 48 hrs. Will also be on dvd eventually. 30 countries watched last night....was amazing. I have a new forgiving outlook on my life and the mistakes I thought I made when I was just protecting myself. Like all the jobs I quit in my life. Or the beatings I got from my mom as a child how traumatizing they were for an HSP. I think Elaine Aron mentioned how if you don't take care of yourself, disease will come into your life.

  • I am highly sensitive and have been all my life - I reckon I inherited some bad stuff from my parents that put a strain on my body otherwise I am an old soul - too many past lives and so much clearing to do - too much for this lifetime especially with all the stresses of modern day life for my body to deal with as well!

  • Interesting cann....always thought of myself as a wise old soul too.. Too many stresses in our lives...how can we find peace?

  • I do meditations, Natura, and ask for help all the time; it is the only way for me.

  • Yes..i need to meditate. Any recommendations on where to get?

  • I used to go to group meditations locally, but I think you are in America and I live in the United Kingdom - Devon. I then read lots of books and still use them, but I can now meditate from what I remember learning both on the courses and from reading books.

  • Auhh...! I missed the the movie, but have read a bit of Elaine Aron's work online. You just prompted me to read a bit more just now and it was like breathing a huge sigh of relief.

    I like the part where you mentioned being easier on yourself for living the life of a HSP.

    I have to learn to do that.

    I've just come through a very nasty flare that wasn't getting any better - until I distanced myself from my not so perfect family and pretty much isolated myself from potential overstimulating traumas. Quite quickly the pathology numbers became dramatically better.

    I really think this is an important topic of discussion for Lupus people - free from stigmatizing labels like 'neurotic'.

    I really hope more discussion comes from this.

    Thank you Natura.

  • Thank you freckle...many of us are learning to distance ourselves from stressful people or situations. It takes a great deal of understanding from our spouses and children and family and friends. I am still learning. I need to take a break in between every job or trip. I can only do one at a time whereas I use to run all day with errands...glad you read her book. I was trying to reach everyone in the community with autoimmune diseases. This is an important part of our illness I believe. Take care!

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