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sensitive feet?

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Does anyone else have really sensitive feet.?It's happened this last year. It hurts to wear shoes. The softest shoes cause bruises or blisters after just a short while. I don't know if this is just a new issue from lupus/sjogrens or from taking hydroxy or pilocarpine. I'm early fifties so it can't be old age thinning skin yet. I'm getting frustrated as walking anywhere just causes pain and soreness and rubbing sores. it's the slowly falling apart scenario you start to think what's next? 🤔 😲

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Hey dg70, thanks for posting! This is a really good question and hopefully you will get some helpful feedback on this forum. I have problems with my feet but it might be different to yours, so not sure how helpful I can be. I get recurrent sores on my feet which have been diagnosed by biopsy as vasculitis, and hydroxy has helped to reduce them a lot. But they can be triggered by friction (such as wearing shoes or walking), as well as by other things like rapid changes in temperature. Have you chatted to your doctor about this? There might be some things they can rule out. Good luck with it, let us know how you get on! ☺️

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dg70 in reply to MusicalFurbaby

Thanks I was wondering about vasculitis. I have been getting pins and needles and numbness or a crawling sensation in my lower legs. Maybe I need to contact the Rheumy.

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MusicalFurbaby in reply to dg70

My vasculitis was diagnosed by a dermatologist who took a skin biopsy from a fresh sore/blister. All I needed was a referral from my GP. I then took the results to my rheumy, who prescribed the hydroxy to treat it. Good luck with your ongoing investigations. It pays to have the correct diagnosis!

Hi dg70 I have this and sorry to read you have it too. And it's a lot worse in winter. My toes go numb. They blister. No matter what socks I wear my feet don't stay warm. Mine is to the point where sometimes I struggle to walk and hobble around.

Recently I get this at night too - even in this extreme heat. But day times.are fine.

I was initially put on a blood pressure med to help the blood flow to my feet. That didn't work, so oddly I've now been put on Sildanefil (weird, I know). But even that isn't working now, so I'm now looking at a possible infusion just before the cold sets in.

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Its a strange one and hard to explain its like the slightest touch sometimes feels like bruising and often turns into bruising. Perhaps I need to get blood flow etc checked out before my annual Rheumy appointment next year. Did you see your GP or Rheumy about this?

Hi dg. Yes and yes. Years before my diagnosis of many things lol I could even take a warm shower and the water spray suddenly stung and Bruising occurred rapidly on the top of my foot. With pred now and asprin regimen for Erythromyalgia I get spontaneous bruises even on the bottom of my feet. No blisters. I’m trying new things all the time for relief. I miss walking as my regular exercise with my dogs so I turned to swimming. That being said I have some very thick orthotic inserts that work well. Amazon and an American company called Zappos have some orthotic inserts that truly save me. Some people on here recommend fitflop brand. They are flip flops with a lot of padding. Another trick that works for me is compression socks. All in various degrees of strength. Some are low profile so I can wear with my orthotic Tennis shoe or just alone. It’s like wearing a comfortable bandaid. Best Titters

I think I need to try compression socks maybe and a soft soft trainer shoe. It's sad when you have to say goodbye to pretty shoes when you're not that old . I have to face this isn't going away. I've emailed my rheumatologist so hopefully she can fit me in. I've been putting it off thinking this will go away but I may need medication. Just seemed such a weird thing and so inconvenient in terms of going out enjoying a walk. I still take the dog out but wearing shoes hurts all the way and they didn't a couple of months ago. Swimming is a good idea to keep fit though. Thanks🤔

That's a YES from me too dg 🤗Early in in my journey before I was diagnosed with lupus I started to get ulcers on the soles of both feet. Had feelings like walking on pebbles all the time n then skin would break down. I've tried all sorts of remedies..expensive buisness no can honestly say that although I've improved my mobility is still very limited.

I'm currently under orthotic clinic n they have made me some insoles but oh my am I having problems trying to break them in.

I've been advised to wear boots rather than trainer shoes or any kind of shoe n I need heel support so I can't wear anything like a mule.

I couldn't wear socks for a long time but now I can tolerate thin bamboo socks which wick away moisture which seem to suit me (most of the time)

I'm prescribed Amytriptiline for burning pain in feet at night..currently in 20mgs. It helps with nerve pain too.

One interesting thought this has bought up for me is when I was being investigated initially I was sent for the blood tests n I saw on the form among many possibilities the doctor had written Lupus. My daughter googled it and it said autoimmune illness characterised by problems with hands n the time both soles of my feet and the palms of my hands were blistered and ulcerating. 🤔I did say well that sounds about right!! 😹

I hope you find something that helps's awful and I sympathise 💜🌈😽😽 xx

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Shoes are difficult at the moment. It's hard wearing thick socks and shoes in this heat. I tried insoles many years ago but I found the arch support painful in the end and your feet always get pushed up too high for your existing shoes to stay on . I have had plantar fasciitis on an off for years. This is very different. My feet do feel a bit burny like yours but now its the whole foot and my lower legs are numb and tingly too. Do you get any remission from the foot pain or is it consistently painful and hard to walk since it first started happening? I'm only on hydroxy at the moment but wonder if I need some other medication now. I've also been wondering about vasculitis for a while too ever since I had a brain haemorrhage 10 years ago. I guess it's all part of the fun journey we're on. You never know what to expect next? You look round and another bit doesn't work or falls off whilst you're not looking. Feels like your body has taken out a contract to bump you off, slowly! 😆 At least I'm still here and enjoying my first grandchild. I am so grateful for that, but just frustrated I'm not that fully functioning nanna I wanted to be.

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Krazykat26 in reply to dg70

😹haha that's so true!! What bits gonna start playing up's a constant guessing game!! My feet are painful most of the time unfortunately..the ulcers have caused scarring underneath my feet so they're a constant issue with me. I take paracetamol every day..every four to six hours. As I said the Amytriptiline is helping with the burning at night. I have Tramadol which I use sparingly when paracetamol alone hasn't helped. My mobility is limited but I have more movement now so I see that as improvement. I always have to keep my feet as best they can be coz my lupus attacks my skin. I'm also on hydroxy, methotrexate and Prednisolone (4mgs)

I have been paying for a podiatrist privately n she comes to my was her who referred me to orthotics clinic. It might be worth your while investing in a podiatrist..they know all about feet with their various problems. Mine has checked my circulation too so she really is worth every penny to me. She keeps me as well as I can be.

Congratulations on becoming a nanna!! 🎉🎊🎉👶💜🌈😽😽Xx

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dg70 in reply to Krazykat26

Thanks. I was just looking up a local podiatrist so I think I'll give her call. Sounds so painful for you. There's not much anyone can do or say to help I guess. I hope you get some relief at some point. 🙂😘

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I got in with my Rheumy later so hoping she'll give me a good going over. Hoping it's something I can get under control. I'm in the softest sketchers I could find with socks which is a bit crazy in this heat but otherwise its rubbing and blisters all over. Unfortunately my Rheumy is at the back of the third floor of my hospital so it's walking for a good while but at least it gets it looked at quickly.

My gout started that way. Pins, needles, tingles, felt like stone bruises on the bottom...just awful

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dg70 in reply to tamib0713

Good to know that and look out for.

I'd probably get someone to doppler test your feet (check blood flow) just to make sure because a change in blood flow (and could be caused by raynauds type problem) will affect skin quality. Get a podiatrist to check you for a fungal skin problem - they don't always itch. I had a patient who had no symptoms other than soreness and when I looked the whole bottom of her feet were suffering with a fungal skin problem that needed treatment. Fungal or not definitely moisturise too but I'd get a podiatrist to check you over.... You can find someone on the Royal College of Podiatry website or HCPC register....

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dg70 in reply to sunrise

Thanks I'll look up that test.

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