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sensitive skin /sore skin and lupus???

Hi all,i seem to be going through turmoil at the moment ,the list of symptoms is endless,does anyone suffer this horrid super sensitive skin,like even your clothes are painfull to wear?has anyone of you experienced shingles?......its like having shingles all over but no rash,also with this is that rotten toxic fluey feeling,just another spanner to throw in the works;(thanks all brave;)

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I have recently had a flare (CRP nearly 200) other than the usual for me ( joints. Intense fatigue and bowel) I experienced dreadful rashes this time which were very painful. I still have some areas that persist and have been using Dermovate.

It started as just painful skin ( no rash) like you and don't know if I caused the rash by touching the skin or whether that was coming anyway !

Hope your symptoms ease for you


Yes I have been experiencing really sensitive skin recently that hurts from even the lightest touch. This mainly affects my legs but can be arms too. Going to mention to my rheumie next month. It is painful :-( xxx


hi there

i have has bad skin for years i have lupus sle and apl my doctor gave me DERMOL cream or BOUBLEBASE creams thay help realy well thay dont take the pain away but help with dryness for the lupus rash and also you can get stuff for you shower and bath thay help also have a word with your gp as we suffer with every part of our body my thoughts are with you

hopet his might help you

tracey x


I do. No rash or anything just really sensitive skin.


I find having a bath with avon's skin so soft. It stops my itching and moisturises my skiin.

I hope things start to improve for you.

Luppychick x


thankyou guys ;)


I have had this many times and have it now, it's so hard to discribe your whole body is tender to touch as you say even clothes hurt I can't wear my bra when I feel like this it's just to painful and like you no rash just flu like symptoms with it, although this time I have had a headache for the last four days too. I find a bath helps and sleep lots of sleep, but I know that's easier said than done especially if like me you have kids, My husband is very good when he's home he does lots to help I'm very lucky he makes coping with this easier to bare x hope your feeling better soon, and thank you I thought it was only me who felt this as other lupus sufferers I have spoken too haven't had these symptoms xxxx

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scal.....thankyou,yes its a big symptom of mine,and it so much worse since having the shingles,in the summer ,i to have a 9yr old so sleep has to be planned well,problem is ...i have chronic tendon and muscle stiffness in my back so sleeping hurts as i cant turn over in bed without waking ,just an off the cuff question and one topic which really bothers me ,,,,,,do you suffer tender lymph glands ????it seems mine have been up since febuary doc doesnt seem botherd and says its all autoimmune related?


Hi brave, yes I do have tender lymph glands which coincides with the tender skin once my flare is under control they tend to go down, but it is usually the first symptom to flare up. I also had shingles about 10 years ago and my skin is most tender where they came up, sounds weird but so similar to yours only my back doesn't sounds half as bad as yours x I hope you get it under control soon, take care xxxxx


Hi Brave,

I actually have this tender, sensitive skin thing at the moment. I get it from time to time - sometimes it's a precursor to a bout of Shingles (I suffer from recurrent Shingles) although sometimes I don't know why it happens as it doesn't seem to result in something.

My Immunologist told me that it's possible for the Shingles virus to be active in the body along the nerve pathways without the rash coming out, so that's maybe something to consider.

I also at the moment have tender glands under my arms and in my groin, and feel like crap - fatigued, joint pains and fluey-achey.

I suffered badly with swollen lymph glands in the few years prior to diagnosis and whilst quite unwell, but haven't had a bad bout for a while now. I hope i'm not speaking too soon! ;-)

I hope this helps and you feel better soon. x


Hi!thankyou for youre input!for years ive had that shingles type feeling,only more persistant of late ,what really really bothers me tender lymph glands !and this horrid toxic type fluey feeling ,if lymph glands were a common problem i would except this but as i dont seem to read much on lupus and lymph gland involvement i worry theres something else going on??just human nature to worry ?hey ho the joys !thankyou ;)


could be experiencing Fibromyalgia regarding the sensitive 2 the touch skin. Remember: Lupus is not 'Text Book'. I suffer with swollen lymph nodes every now & again & it's usually due 2 an infection/virus trying 2 rear it's head or generally feeling 'run down'




I just recently got sensitive skin on my right shoulder area after having surgery on that shoulder. I also break out red on my back several times a day an itch like crazy (no rash), I eat 6-8 benadryl daily every day to control the itching.

I haven't been diagnosed with Lupus although my old RA thought I had it he wouldn't commit himself to that diagnoses. I have a lot of the symptoms. legs swelling, light sensitivity, joints hurting, skin sensitivity, breathing shallow cause I'm not able to breath deeply, butterfly rash, chronic fatigue, been getting sores in my mouth recently.

I have recently started losing my hair it is getting very thin, an breaking off. Very sensitive to the sunlight more lately, I have that butterfly affect across my bridge off an on. My legs get hot at night. Was told I have nocturnal Anxiety attacks, the medications they gave me didn't help . If I take half of a pain pill it helps. But due to the Pain medication i'm on they don't want to give xanax, klonopin, valium, they let people suffer rather than helping us. This isn't just me they told me this is the policy for all no matter if your on pain meds or not. I have been taken to the ER due to them.

My blood pressure is erratic 100/58, 110/ 49, 90/45 when it gets low i get very light headed.


I have very sensitive skin. Sometimes my husband barely pats my leg and it feel like he's really slapping me hard. I realized recently that it's much worse after a good cardio work out


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