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Sensitive scalp to hair dye

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Has anyone found that they’ve suddenly started to react to hair dye? I’ve used the same hair dye for years but my scalp has become really sensitive, it’s was itching and sore for weeks after my last colour. Sometimes fine it too tender to brush.

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You are supposed to do a patch test before each use! It is possible that the manufacturers have changed the ingredients but an allergy never happens the first time you meet an allergen - it can be the second or the thousand and second time.

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SWinNorfolk in reply to PMRpro

Yes I’ve done a patch test but not reacting from the patch test, only when it’s all over my head, for up to two weeks after. Will just have to keep testing. Thanks for replying

Yes, I had the same problem. Always used the same product for years and then suddenly head was sensitive.I spoke to my hairdresser who said that they do change the ingredients from time to time and medication can affect your hair! That was a new one on me. Anyway she suggested to get one that had oil in, so far it’s been ok.

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SWinNorfolk in reply to Chris21

Thanks for replying, so strange we did a patch test and I haven’t reacted to that. Going to try one more time and see how I get on. Otherwise might give myself a break from hair dye (eeek, my root for very moist grey on my red/ginger hair now!)I didn’t know if it could be the medications I take, she suggested that people who’d had Covid had tested this way, but I haven’t knowingly had Covid.

Yes - had to stop colouring my hair several years ago. Now wear my grey hair as a badge of honour - lot of blood sweat & tears gone into getting this grey ! 😅🤣😀

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Putloo in reply to HazelW

Hey, me too.. Infact I hv never dyed my hair. Stared getting greys in the recent times soon after SLE detection. Now, having a salt and pepper look. No matter how it looks, I believe that I am looking great with it.... So, choice is always ur.... 😜

Do you think it’s the lupus that causes the reaction?I bet you’re rocking the grey!

This experience resonates with me. I went grey very early in my 30s. I used color on my hair too. Wasn’t long before the stinging redness; more like an intense burning sensation stopped me from coloring my hair immediately. Didn’t know I had lupus then. My scalp did. Maybe in some people it’s considered an allergy. For me I believe the hair follicles became inflamed. My entire scalp would turn red. During flares even now my scalp becomes inflamed. One thing that helps is very cold Aloe Vera gel I keep in refrigerator. It must be pure. No added ingredients. Soothes the burn.

hi SWinNorfolk, interestingly there was a news story about the same thing in Covid a couple of months ago:

Try henna cream, a reputable all-natural brand without peroxide like Surya Brasil (other brands are available) - it comes in a gorgeous range of colours, including copper and pure henna, gives your hair a proper conditioning, leaving it gleaming, soft and smooth, and you can simply comb a little through after each wash and leave it in, so no roots ever show! Super easy!

😀👍 xxx

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Paprika60 in reply to eekt

Many thanks for recommending Surya Brasil. Sounds excellent and will give it a try. I have looked into getting all natural dye but only managed Naturetint which still wasn't good enough. I have read in the past that toxin from hair dye could trigger auto immune condition. X

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