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NHS Prescription Charges !

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I was wondering if anyone knew if we still have to pay for NHS prescriptions whilst recieving ESA? Someone said that people claming Jobseeekers do not pay these charges so i was wondering if i should be paying whilst recieving ESA.?If so i think maybe a pre-payment will be a good idae!!My these prescription charges amount up and i find myself deciding which are the most important and which can i afford!

Thank you for any help with this question.

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It depends what kind of ESA you are on. It can be contribution-based (i.e. paid because you have been working and paid NI contributions) or means-tested. You only get free prescriptions if you are on a means-tested benefit (and that includes JSA, as both types are also available for that). If you are on contribution-based ESA then getting a pre-payment cert is definitely a good idea. If you are on a low income you can still apply for a reduction in health charges using form HC1 which you should be able to get from your GP or pharmacy, and they might give you a contribution rather than pay everything - worth a try.

hi i thought all prescriptions were free now

Not sure about ESA but if you do still have to pay its definatley worth getting a pre payment certificate. Ive saved £300+ since january by having mine...

All prescriptions in Scotland are free, I don't know about anywhere else in the UK

Think they might be free in Wales too.

Pre-paid is the way to go if you're on contribution based ESA. £7.45 per item is no joke if you're on 13 different meds like me!!!

Per paid is def the best way saves a fortune.

hi there i had a prepayment card saved me hundreds of pounds

angie x

I have to agree ,my daughter has to pay for her prescriptions due to her earnings,she pays 10 pound a month by direct debit and it saves her hundreds of pounds, well worth it. Sandy

Thank for all your help Guys :) I think pre payment it is then!! I Wished i lived in Scotland then they be free!! The payment is now 7.65 per item!! x

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