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Sunlight and Lupus

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I know sunlight can make some of us sensitive to the sun and it can cause flares but recently when I’ve been in the sun my face feels like some has scrubbed it with wire wool it feels raw. Obviously goes red too.

I am prescribed Uvistat suncream but I find it too thick for my face and maybe it’s not sensitive enough for my face. Does anyone know if I can ask for something from my GP specifically for my sensitive face?

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I don’t like uvistat at all as like you say it’s too thick - I use piz buin factor 50 then on top of that I use my foundation which has got factor 30 in it x

I just use a factor 50 for sensitive skin from aldi but don't forget the wide brimmed hat and sunglasses.also sun exposure on any skin will cause your sensitive area to flare because the body over reacts to uv and goes barmy xx

I use Asda’s factor 50 own brand, easy to apply. Been out in the sun and seems to work well, but yes remember the hat and sunglasses too x

Be aware not only of sunny days but even cloudy, overcast days!

It’s the ultraviolet rays that do the damage: skin aging, red rashes and the triggering of lupus “allsorts” ; for me it’s even joint pain later😰!

Prescribable factor 50+ Sunsense sensitive is now available.👆👏

I like Ultrasun factor 50, I use the tinted one and it covers my pasty white skin, doesn’t leave a greasy feeling either. Would recommend it.

HiSounds uncomfortable ..ouch.

I use Sunsense Face spf50 , it’s not cheap about £13 a tube , has a slight Matt beige tint but I find it great, so good I can either use it on its own with a bit of face powder or under foundation . It’s not greasy and a tube lasts a long while . There has been problems getting normal Sunsense suncream at the moment (the one on script) but this one still appears to be available.

Hope it helps, M xx

Haliocare factor 50 is an air gel very light for sensitive face skin as I can not stand most creams on my face. Really works well I buy mine from the internet.

Hello Bobbydoodle. I have Photosensitivity. Before I go out I need to put on Spf 50 + wear a wide brim hat and sunglasses. I wear long sleeves , high neck when I can or a cotton scarf. clothing needs to be Thick weave/ cotton or linen.When you put a piece of clothing upto the window and can see the light through, it means the sun / sunlight is able to get to your skin. Hence spots / itching. If I do have a Flare up I use Cetraben from the G.P. all over the body,then put Spf50+on. I feel so much better now.Hope the information is Helpfull to you.

La roche posay is great for that I'm same uvistat thick and sticky used to like sunscence but the I couldn't stand the smell.

Hi Bobbydoodle..I have Polymorphic light eruption and Antic Purigo..generally worse March to September..I attend clinic at Guys.Since 2006 I have tried properly most sun protection lotions.

initially I was prescribed sunsense which personally I found difficult to apply and for me not really effective.

I have now been using Niva Sun uva/uvb factor 50 and found this to be the easiest to apply and most effective.i have very dry skin so find it adds moister to my skin.not sure how it would be if you do not have so dry skin..this has been the best for me and generally around £3.00. a bottle..less expensive then most I have tried.I understand some people have found it difficult to find sunsense.i know John Lewis have is not cheap although I know it is on prescription for some.Hope this helps

Have a great day 🦋

I use factor 50, wear giant hat and time my exposures. GPS can prescribe but I found quality brands just as effective.

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