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When best time of day to take plaquenil?


I have just been reading that plaquenil can cause insomnia and nightmares which I suffer with. I take my plaquenil with my evening meal. When is the best time to take it? Would it be best in the morning?

I also take in the morning thyroxine, omeprazole and co-codamol, would it interfere with any of those if I took it in the morning instead of teatime?

Be glad of your input.

Regards Sarah x

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Hi Sarah ive been on plaquinel 5 years,and ur right it does cause insomnia, I changed mine to 1130 am but u must. Leave a 4 hour gap with omeprazole they don't mix and it will cause diarrhoea and stomach cramps, I take my omeprazole around 4 am when I get up for the toilet hope.Ive helped x


Many thanks for your help. I wasn't aware that their was a problem with omeprazole and plaquenil together. Worth noting.

Sarah x


Omeprazole or any acid reducers interfere with the absorption of Plaquenil. You have to take them at least 4 hours apart.


Never taken mine at night so can't comment on that. I take them every morning usually after breakfast or if I'm not hungry, with a glass of milk

I take omeprazole as soon as I get up and allow an hour or so before I take hydroxy....that works for me :)

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Many thanks for your reply. I suppose I will have to find what suits me best. When you take so many medications (I have a long list, won't bother you with them) it's always difficult to know how to juggle them.

Sarah x


Like the others have said it's best not to take meds prescribed for reflux, such as Omeprazole or Lanzoprazole, at the same time as Plaquenil as they can make it less effective. I need to leave at least a couple of hours between my morning Lanzoprazole and my first dose of Plaquenil otherwise I feel sick. I agree with Toby1960 it is difficult to juggle times. On days when I have to go out to work early it's a nightmare fitting them all in. I asked the rheumy whether I could take both doses of Plaquenil together but he said it was better to space them out. I find they make my reflux worse if I take a dose too close to bedtime and if my reflux is bad I need to take a second dose of Lanzoprazole before bed anyway. And don't get me started on eye drops, eye ointment, mouth spray and vitamins.......


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