Plaquenil and Calcium/Vit D

For those of you who take calcium tablets, I saw on (there is a facility to check drug interactions)that taking Plaquenil at the same time with calcium could reduce the efficacy of Plaquenil by up to 50%. To get around that, it is best to leave 4 hours between taking either of them. The doctor's indication on my Plaquenil packet does say not to take antacids for 2 hours within taking Plaquenil but I didn't realise that calcium tablets have a similar effect.

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  • thats useful info,thanks

  • I find the whole 'Calcium' thing confusing, I have too much calcium in my body which can in turn affect Raynauds but my bones, nails, teeth r so weak, it's hilarious, they break at the slightest thing (& no, I'm not just talking about my nails either!), this is part of the reason I will not touch steroids

  • Oh my God, I didn't realise one can have too much Calcium! I'm taking 1000mg a day to be on the safe side, what with menopause and steroids etc.

  • It seems 3,000mg per day is the correct dose of Calcium/Vit D when taking steroids Purple so I woudn't worry too much.

  • Brilliant, thank you for letting me know. Sher raised a good point in that some people might be predisposed to calcium accumulation, I just never thought of it. My blood tests last week were fine where calcium was concerned, so I will continue at my normal dose and stagger it away from Plaquenil at 4 hour difference.

  • Welcome :)

  • I don't think it's a problem 4 every1 but considering too much calcium can make u're blood clot quicker (which aint exactly helpful if u have Antiphospholipid lol!), cause extreme fatigue, kidney & liver problems, muscle weakness, low blood pressure, circulation problems, erratic brain function, cns problems (sounds a lot like lupus eh?!) etc if u ALREADY have problems with this, obviously it's ADDING 2 it & sending everything in2 hyper drive. There r certain signs they look 4 so don't panic too much but maybe an idea 2 get levels checked every now & again. Normal range is between 2.1 mmol per litre and 2.6 mmol per litre of blood. If u notice u start 2 get calcium 'spots' (kind of like whiteheads) on u're chest, shoulders, arms etc when u don't actually suffer from spots then ask 2 have u're levels checked ;0)

  • This is when I feel like I'm in the twilight zone, few months ago I thought I'm just tired and in need of a proper holiday, today I'm looking into white spots on arms, how life can change so dramatically so quickly!

    Thank you, Sher, helpful as ever.

  • Hopefully they're nothing as I haven't met many lupoids who have constantly have crazy Calcium levels. I've pulled up a couple of links 4 u. Just 2 clarify, my level is ALWAYS too high & although they have tried 2 reduce my calcium production, nothing works 4 me, (my grandad had arterial calcification so there may be some link there 4 me but then again maybe just coincidence) but just 2 reiterate, many meds can (such as the contraceptive pill, some diuretics, diethylstilbesterol (DES), antacids, etc) also increase our calcium levels plus if u actually sat down & looked at how much calcium we actually consume (& it's NOT just in dairy people, many things have 'added calcium now such as bread & a few fruit & veggies contain it too) we would probably find we r taking in enough. But DON'T PANIC, my aim is just 2 make people aware as the docs sometimes 2 4get 2 tell us about certain things.

  • I take Calcichew and Plaquenil, but take Calcichew in mornings and Plaquenil after dinner in the evenings.

  • I don't take any Cal supplement or vit D & I don't go mad or any cal enriched foods/drinks or dairy so it's a bit of a mystery & I certainly don't take any meds 2 push my levels up. I guess some of us r just awkward buggers ;0)

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