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is vitamin K ok to take when you're on plaquenil?


i've heard from a reliable source that it's best not to mix vit K with antimalarials, eg plaquenil, which i am on (400mg daily)

but recent research is recommending vit K be taken with vit D to help bone density

so far i've spent 3+ years successfully slowing the rate of my loss of bone density by taking the supplements (inc vit D) my doctors and nutritionists have recommended.

and no way do i want to stop plaquenil which really helps me

am see my rheumy next week, but am hoping maybe to be able to go to the appt with feedback on this question from the forum

thanks in advance for any help

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I would ask a Pharmacist for advice. Hope it works out. :)

K2 with D3 helps the body move the calcium to the bones instead of clogging up the arteries. K2 and vit K are 2 completely different vitamins and serve different purpose in the body, Vit K necessary for blood clotting, not for someone with APS.

I had to stop taking plaquenil so not sure how they interact, but personally I wouldn't give up my mega vit D3 as it seems to give me a better quality of life and along with coconut oil helps with the pain.

My opinion only and purely from research and trial and error for myself.

thanks to you both

yes, first will talk to my rheumy next week.

then will see how things stand

have a feeling we're going to hear a lot more about vit K (& its forms) in the popular press from now on: sort of the way we have been hearing about vit D (& its forms) in recent years

Hello Barnclown, did you find out more about this topic in the meantime? I´m also taking Plaquenil, Vit. D and Vit. K.....

Best regards


Hello dinah....I did look into this at the time and wasn't convinced the process was well enough understood for me to take action re supplementation with vit K. So am interested: how have you come to take vit K?

Hello Barnclown, thanks for your answer. First I ave appologize for my poor English.... Well, anyway I´m not sure if it`s really a good idea to take Vit. D (although everyone recommends it). I think the thesis of Dr. Trevor( Marshall Marshall Protocol ) are quite reasonable. I know some people with autoimmundeseases who got well with the protocol. I did the protocol for 3 years but nothing happend so I stopped it and tried the extreme opposite: taking high doses of Vit. D. Because I read that noone should take Vit. D without Vit K (because of probable bloodvessel problems) I took it additionaly. I started taking Plaquenil 6 weeks ago (so it`s to early to say if it helps) and just decided to stop Vit D and Vit K (although I took really extremely high doses for 2 months nothing happened)....

Best regards from Hamburg

Anke (the Queen visited us yesterday :-) )

Hi anke! Hey, did you see the queen? I think your English is great! I wish I could communicate in other languages...I only manage a tiny bit of French...also, school-girl Latin helps sometimes in various ways.

Your info & comments re vit D & K are very interesting. I will check out your Marshall link & bear all this in mind and try again to discuss this with rheumatology & immunology.

I was instructed by our head of rheumatology to stop plaquenil last feb, after 3 1/2 years....because she'd discovered I have hypogammaglobulinaemia, even though I've been low in immunoglobulins much of my life, way before starting plaquenil. I miss daily plaquenil a lot...but daily mycophenolate cellcept continues to help. Meanwhile immunology is investigating me to see whether I have a primary immunodeficiency with secondary autoimmunities. Meanwhile, it seems the plan to give me IV zolendronate for osteoporosis is on hold. But I continue to take the high dose vit D recommended by my consultants.

I hope things go well for you...I vvvv much like your 'suck it & see' approach to supplements & prescription meds: no point continuing to take things that aren't proven to be helping you. I felt a degree of immediate benefit within a few days on plaquenil, but more full benefit came on gradually as time passed. Current research/thought in the UK is that long term plaquenil continues to give increasing benefits.

Are you finding there are problems getting plaquenil in Germany now that it's gone generic (the manufacturers SANOFI have changed its name to ZENTIVA....perhaps you've read the discussions on this forum)?


Hello Barnclown!

Unfortunatly I saw her just on TV.....

Actually the drug I´m taking is called Quensyl (and not plaquenyl). As far as I know that`s the only drug with the agent hydrochloroquine you can get in Germany.

You write "Meanwhile immunology is investigating me to see whether I have a primary immunodeficiency with secondary autoimmunities." That`s exactly the approach of Dr. Marshall: he thinks every autoimmune desease has its beginning in a weak immunesystem and a big load of microbes. The MP (Marshall Protocol) ist not very common in Europe and most doctors decline it.

Yes, I will go on checking out supplements and drugs until I´ll find something that helps.... and I hope I will notice at least a little benefit by taking Quensyl.


Gosh: am just about to look at your Marshall link: fascinating: 👏👏👏👏👏 many thanks...wishing you all the best results from quensyl....take care ☺️🍀

There also exists a forum:

Happy reading!

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