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Just wondered if anyone has found a UV/rain umbrella at a reasonable price. I would like one that folds up small. I have looked online but they all seem so expensive.

I don't have lupus but I do have sjogrens and find that too much sun makes me feel ill and I am not keen on wearing a hat.

Your input would be gratefully received.

Many thanks. Sarah x

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  • Hi Sarah,

    Where did you look? Did you try;

    theumbrellashop.co.uk or


  • Many thanks for your suggestions, I will try what you recommend.

    Regards Sarah

  • Hi l buy my umberellas from umbrella heaven they do small and large uv safe. And all diffrent colours.And are a very good price, Mr McAllistar is very helpful if you need to phone them, or buy on line, l have been more than satisfied with the many l have bought. I have a large one l use for windy days and its great .

    But more important they keep you safe from the sun. Good luck .

  • Many thanks for your reply. I will have a look at their website.

    Regards Sarah

  • Hi, I'm in US. Last year, I found at Target the umbrella for rain/UVF protection, black outside and silver coat inside, it's also a fold up one. Many places sale these umbrellas kinda pricey. I got this umbrella on sales for half price. If you go to target.com, you may find it for around $15 US.

    Good luck.

  • Many thanks for your reply. I am in the UK so it may be difficult to buy from the US but I will have a look at their website.

    Regards Sarah

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