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I just wanted to let people know that as we were having new windows I asked about UV glass, it was not much more expensive and more importantly it works! All three of our front windows are south facing and the sun shines directly into the kitchen the lounge and the office. The rooms do not heat up anywhere near as much as they did with the ordinary glass and the UV rays can't get in, well the majority of them anyway. Just thought I would mention it in case anyone had thought about getting it. X

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  • Thanks for sharing that! Really interesting. I might look onto this. I hope it makes life easier for you. Wendy

  • Hi I have looked into getting UV film for windows and car. Waiting for a quote. I have one already but they want me to take the car to then which is about 2 hrs away and i am worried about being in the car so long. I am newly diagnosed and maybe a bit paranoid. Good luck with your new windows. I wish you all the best and your quality of life will be easier i am sure.

  • Hi l have had 2 diffrent cars done, all windows done is about £140.00 + and the man that does it comes to your home, and it works great, can now travel anywhere quite safe. If you want any more info text me and l will look uphis phone number for you.

  • Thanks lucymay. That's a good price. The one quote i do have is £200 for the car (Honda civic) so not a big car and £365 for house but i only asked for my bedroom, bathroom,hall, kitchen doors and window and kivingroom. Left out kids (teenagers) bedrooms to keep cost down. I have been off work since September 2013 and am a bit tight for money. I live in Scotland so some of the companies contacted were in England and won't travel this far. if anyone has a Scottish company that would be great. Thanks and sorry for hijacking your post dawn with this long winded post. X

  • who did your car loulou

  • Hi dawn

    I've just had a quote for Dermaguard of £1500 which is for my v small bungalow :(. I'm desperate to get it done as am constantly in the dark and can't go into certain rooms at all if it's v sunny even if the blinds are down.

    Have you stopped getting reactions in those rooms now-do you not have to wear sunscreen in there now?

    Looking forward to your hopefully positive experience being able to enjoy the sun safely.


  • Ended up just getting house done. May get car done this year. Got a company in Edinburgh called Safety First, Newbridge, Edinburgh but they have places in different towns they can do your car in. Great help in the house. No worries about not having sun cream on. Hope this helps.

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