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UV clothing on sale

I hope this is ok to post bit please feel free to remove if not. I just went on to the uniqlo site and they have special offers on at the moment on some of their uv protective tops if anyone else needs these. Picked up a heattech vest top for £3 as well for layering in the winter.

The long sleeved t shirts I'm wearing a lot at the moment under t shirts Etc - they are really lightweight so great for layering. Down to about £8 - takes a little while to check what sizes they have in which colours as the website is a bit of a pain but persevere.

Same with the hoodie tops - they are much lighter weight than they look and are down to just under £15 in various sizes and colours.

They won't replace the use of sunblock but add that little bit of extra protection which helps.

Easiest way to find them is to go to the search button at the top and search "uv" - hope it proves useful for someone

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Brilliant. Thank you for sharing. I have also posted a similar tip in the past, as UV clothing can be expensive and I also think it's good to share these tips, if they are going to help us keep our sun sensitivity under control. I will have a look. Hope you have a good day. Wendy x


Hi Mifford,

Thank you for sharing this. As Wendy39 has said, UV clothing is often expensive so any news of ways to get it cheaper is going to be helpful. It is also great to hear about your personal experience/recommendations with these products.


If anyone does look at this the hoodie that has the thumb holes - I ordered a slightly different one and it is uv protective but it's much thicker material and I struggled in it today in this heat, the other one I got before is much lighter weight

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Thanks for the recommendation. I ordered a navy thin hoody. Really pleased! Love the long sleeved and thumb holes. Perfect. And great sale price. With the sunny hot weather, I have worn my rash vests etc every day for protection. How are you finding the heat? X


Hate it with a vengeance lol. My feet and ankles are swollen, my joints are flaring and I've got a migraine. It looks very nice from indoors though 😂😂😂. How about you?

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I feel your pain. The heat wipes you out totally. Feel so lethargic. But after that really really hot spell, I think my new drug kicked in and I had 8 days with no nap and good energy levels. Not my pre lupus energy levels but as good as it gets for me. But with my rash vests and a hat, that might be helping too. Stay well. Best wishes.


Hoodie jackets were down to £8 this week - limited sizes and colours but definitely worth a look. Sign up to the newsletter first and you'll get a discount code too for either £5 or £10 off your first order, can't remember which. Hope it helps someone in this weather x


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