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Hi there I'm getting trouble with trying to get pip this is the second time it's going to tribrunal after starting from square one. Last year I didn't get help applying for Pip but this year care point helped and still got rejected so I went cab yesterday and she said she can't represent me as they are volunteers so I've got to face going to court with my dad it's tiring going round in circles so they can say I've scored no points and twist my words can someone help me cause I'm fed up with having to prove to them how ill it gets me and going in circles sorry for the long post 😞

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  • Hi jakkl this is the site I am using to help me benefitsandwork.co.uk hope this helps.

  • I can't sign up to it on my phone I will see if I can on a computer thank you x

  • Your welcome I haven't got as far as you I am still waiting for the forms to fill in wish you luck xx

  • It's mad because I can't work because I would indanger myself or others no one would employee me but trying to prove to pip how bad lupus gets us like moving ect is very difficult and they twist all ur words it's disgusting I hope u get it if not keep ur chin up and keep fighting x

  • If you look at the site I sent you. You will see that you can get points for aids that help with your daily living. I tryed last year and did not get it but I have COPD and my breathing has got worse and I have been recently diagnosed with P/PsA I think you should have no problem getting it if you read the things in the benefits and work site

  • I will do thank you for ur reply and wishing you a Merry Christmas 🎄 x

  • Hi Jackie, I telephoned my local council and they gave me a number for a benefits advisor who cam to the house and completed my PIP for me. He had the score sheet with him and told me how many points I qualified for. I did get PIP on first attempt,

    Don't know if your council have this service.

    Good luck

    and a Merry Christmas

    Babs x

  • I did that with care point as she had a score sheet with her and I sent that off and they said they are sticking to the point they score me on and that is no points I can't win I'm just going in circles they twist my words and made me feel so ashamed

  • Jakki, don't give in. You are only applying for what is rightfully yours. You will get it, they are just prolonging the agony for you. Forget about it over the festive period - they have - fight the new battle in January. Don't forget it will be backdated.

    Babs x

  • I no but it's just sooo tiring this is the second time I'm going through it and thank you for getting back to me and hope u have a lovely Christmas 🎄 x ☺️

  • Wishing you good luck in your second attempt. Make sure they acknowledge how you feel on your worst days and that you are not safe without help.

    Try the Benefits and Work site. They give really good information and pointers on what to do and say.

    Try to relax over Christmas, sending Best Wishes for a happy time.

  • Ok thank you I will deffo have a look at the site and I did tell them I can't do anything on my bad days and my father does things for me because of the dangers but they said the majority of the time I'm fine I was like how can they say that when the majority of the time I don't no myself anyway thanks for your reply and wishing you a Merry Christmas 🎄 to x

  • Hi

    If you are going to the tribunal, check with the local council and get the phone number for their Benefits team. They will support you at the tribunal with you. They are fully aware of the law, which is what they are looking at. Have the DWP followed it

    Good Luck

  • There is another site Fightback For Justice...they will do the form for you over the phone....have a look at their website ..they are extremely good.

  • I emailed them but bit worried that I mite have to pay

  • Fightback is a voluntary group who rely on donations, they don't ask for payment.

  • They wanted me to donate 200 pound and 45 pound for form filling I really can't afford that did they help you?

  • Blimey, no have not used them. Not sure this is organisation I was thinking of, the one I know of has a web page with information on to guide people filling in PIP forms etc. Would avoid anything that asks for that sort of money, I used the CAB who were brilliant.

  • Cab did help fill my form in the form to go tribunal but they won't repesent me what I might do is try phoning fightback4 justice and just see what they say init thank you for ur help ☺️

  • Just checked again it's called www.fightback4justice. They have information and templates of letters you can use.

  • Hi jacky

    The site called benefits and works that Bless23 has recommended to you will be a tremendous help. I was rejected for PIP and I suscribe to them for a fee of £20.

    They tell you how to word your symptoms and special tips. Also, what to expect at the tribunal.

    The outcome for me was positive after I used them. They were very thorough.

    At first I was hesitant to subscribe but I am so happy that I did as I am now awarded PIP

    Wishing you success xxx

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