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Got my letter today,decision is no!,as I can prepare good,eat unaided,take my meds,can wash myself,not incontinent,dress mysel,can communicate verbally,can read,engage with other people face to face,budget my finances,can move 200mettrs unaided and I can drive,this is all absolutely correct,I told her I work full time,struggling with it,if I was awarded something I could reduce hours,the tiredness,soreness,general ill feeling is so hard trying to work full time with,I often break down at work as a feel so bad,scared I could loose my job,am not off for nothing,but when I'm exhausted or stressed am very ill,I thought you could get pip and work,but really if I couldn't do all the things she asked me,how could I possibly work,don't know what else to do,my reumy writing a report for me,but on letter it said they recognise I have a dissabilility and health condition but it doesn't impact on me enough?,well am close to loosing my job bacause of health,can't afford to reduce hours at work,pip would have gave me a balance and I could reduce my hours and rest,therefore health be better and I be able to sustain at my work.,don't know what to do.

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  • Hi jeffscott

    Sorry to read of your pip outcome and struggles.

    Go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau or contact Dial organisation as they will help you with a possible Appeal. Citizens Advice will also look at your situation, hours you work etc and see if you can claim anything else to enable you to work less hours. They help fill in the forms and will help you deal with your employer if they are giving you a hard time. They have a good website as well. The last thing with these illnesses you need is stress and you'll feel better just telling them what your going through. Good Luck.

  • Oh dear! That's not good news. Certainly disheartening but you need to appeal. You can work and get pip. It's good that the rheumatologist will write a report in support. It does seem a bit like a lottery my daughter got it and works full time. She has difficulty bending, occasionally she needs help to put lower half of clothes on! But she can feed herself, drive, walk and all the things you can do! She was prompted to describe her worst days and She did have letters from the rheumatologist, who were the ones who suggested she claim pip. Maybe that is the difference, having a letter of support from medical profession?

    Fingers crossed you get it after appealing x

  • Aw thankyou,I'm going to appeal.

  • I never scored any points on sheet from assessment,felt the questions were for someone severely disabled.

  • Appeal Appeal Appeal! Many decisions are reversed on appeal.

  • Im going to appeal,I really need help with form,problem is getting to citizen advice now,as I'm at work.,I phoned dial but there not any centres in Scotland.

  • Working tax credit can be claimed if you are working 30hrs. It depends on household income. Would be a good idea to check this out. As a start information on this is online. Good luck

  • Thankyou but I'm 11.pound over to receive tax credits.

  • Appeal it is a lottery I received it last year after a 5 year battle citizens advice helped me a lot they filled all my forms for me

  • I'm going to find it hard getting to citizens advice as I'm at work😔

  • On a bad day can you do everything they asked? You should fill the form in as you feel when in a flare. I can do most of those on good days, but on bad days none of them. If there is a DIAL near you ask for their help to appeal. Good luck

  • Thankyou,there not a dial in Scotland.

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