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Visit to Welfare Rights Officer about PIP Tribunal

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It’s a little unnerving when someone rolls their eyes up so often you worry they will get stuck. That was her response to some of my previous PIP being reduced. Interestingly, when I said they claim I refused a physical assessment but I wasn’t asked for one, she said they are beginning to claim that regularly.

I feel confident that her submission will be very helpful. She’s confident she can get me the four points I lost. She tells me that sometimes DWP give in a few days before the Tribunal, which is so kind of them.

I am to send all letters and proof of prescriptions etc since the time of the assessment as they all relate to the ongoing condition. In particular, my prescription for mountains of Tena lady pads for the urge incontinence. That’s 2 points for appliances ( interesting word but I doubt it will ever be used in adverts) I had mentioned the urge incontinence at the assessment but had no NHS proof then.

Finally, the eye rolling was accompanied by much tutting and checking the culprit who told me, when I got the original PIP reassessment form to just put “no change” and I’d have no physical assessment.

So, have to see how it goes. I do feel as much as possible is being done for me.

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That sounds promising, Lupiknits. How did you get hold of this WRO person?

Wonder if Tena would consider that as a campaign slogan - "TENA - worth two points on your PIP assessment" ? x

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I’m just very fortunate that Leeds has a Welfare Rights Office to help people with benefits problems. 99% PIP really. They are legally trained and know their stuff. I’d never heard of them until I had to move from DLA to PIP and a nurse told me.

“No more Ooops I’ve lost two points moments if you use Tena Lady” 🎶🎵

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YAAAAY LK ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️🌈🦋💫💐❤️🍀✌️🤞

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That's interesting that the welfare rights person tutted at the culprit who said put no change on the form because I have been told the same thing..someone told me that if u put no change on the form then if you're already getting pip they will just continue it without assessment...I must say I don't rely on this advice because as we're all aware the DWP move the goalposts constantly!!!

Don't send any original paperwork to the tribunal because u don't usually get them back..take photocopies n send them..keep the originals.

I feel confident that u will get those points...n what do points make??


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Lupiknits in reply to Krazykat26

Thanks. I keep all my originals well away from the clutches of others x 😂

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