Peculiar pain or normal?

This is a pain not experienced before in my left arm. On the inside of my elbow feels like a needle sticking in, throbbing on and off pins and needles in hand that goes cold, above the elbow it feels tight. It's more an irritation than terribly painful.

I have sle, sjgrens, arthritis, Raynaulds and sticky blood.

The gp diagnosed golfers elbow?! I haven't done anything different in my daily routine and she couldn't tell me why she thinks it's this therefore I'm asking the experts.......any ideas please.

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  • Sounds like you have pressure on a nerve in your neck to have pain down your arm .

  • Thanks, I'll try massage and heat on my neck and see if it helps.

  • You need to check you do not have a clot developing. MaryF

  • That's why I went to the gp, she said it would be hard if there was a clot. I thought it would be red and hot if a clot developing? If it's still the same tomorrow I think I will ask the consultants secretary to give me his thoughts. Thanks x

  • Years ago I had clots in both legs, no swelling to start with and no redness, don't settle for being fobbed off. I hope I am wrong, but with your diagnosis of Sticky Blood/Hughes Syndrome/APS you have to keep an eye, are you on anticoagulants or Aspirin? MaryF

  • Yes, on aspirin. That's why I think I will check with consultant. I did wonder if it could be vascularise, not sure if that is another name for sticky blood etc.

  • Stupid predicted text! Vasculitis! 😄

  • This is the UK charity for sticky blood, known as Hughes Syndrome/APS Antiphospholipid Syndrome.

    We also have a forum on HU on this platform, but do stay on this one also for your Lupus needs, our charity also holds a list of recommended specialists across the UK, both NHS and private who understand fully Hughes Syndrome/APS


  • Thank you, I will have a look

  • I sometimes have that - it comes and goes though. It stays about a week or two and then just when I get used to it, I notice that it disappeared. How long have you had it? if you don't have any visible inflammation, it's likely that it will pass. I used to put hot water bottle on it but it isn't the easiest place to keep the thing, so now I just leave it be.

  • It's only 3days, but I've noticed with heat it does feel a bit better today. Thanks for info.

  • If it doesn't ease off, see a physiotherapist - it sounds like it might well be referred pain. Most physios are wonderful (and not just because my beloved sister-in-law is one); twice now I have had my life turned around by a caring physio who looked beyond the obvious. And just last month when I was suffering from intense shoulder pain (different from the chronic pain I normally suffer from my broken neck), it was the physiotherapist who sent me to the doctor to get checked for costochondritis and pleurisy - it hadn't occurred to me as it felt so *completely* different to last year's attack. But do make sure the physio takes a *complete* medical history and understands all the problems . . . Good luck!

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