Hi, I recently wrote a post about being pregnant and trying to cope with the pain till I see my specialist.

Well tomorrow is the day!!!!! however last night my left hand started to ache all of a sudden whilst watching tv, It felt like someone was tightening the ligaments and tendons in the fingers and they were 'clawing'. This pain spread to my elbow then my shoulder, a dull cramping that only eases if I hold my arm in the air. I'm only allowed paracetamol till I see the consultant tomorrow with being pregnant 😞 But now I'm worried that it could be a heart attack with it being my left arm and my GP is away till tomorrow and I really do feel like crying, don't want to waste the hospitals time but I am getting concerned as it's still hurting this morning ....,PLEASE HELP

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  • Mumtobe...I can only share with you my pain in my left arm. I have it often. I believe it is fibro pain, as i also get it bad in my left hamstring in my left leg only. Out of No-where. I take a natural product for this pain, but you will have to ask your doctor if that is ok because herbs can be powerful and strong. It is a formula 303 from my chiropractor. Magnesium, valerian root and passiflora. I think magnesium would be safe for you, but i am not a doctor. Your baby could be pulling magnesium out of your body. My daughter just informed me that women get stomach aches as a heart attack symptom, not left arm pain.

    Please let me know how you are doing?

  • Hi Natura, pain or discomfort in the left arm can still be signs of a heart attack in women -

  • Ok

  • Hi Natura

    Thank you for your reply!

    The pain comes and goes and stems from my fingers so I am little less stressed, I see my consultant today so I will explain the problems I'm having. I didn't sleep the first night with worry thinking it was my heart, I did call my GP to find he was off till today but within minutes the pain was like someone had switched it off.

    Think I'm more nervous as I had non of this with my last two pregnancies.

  • Hi Mumtobe2017,

    If you are concerned about this symptom but do not want to go to the hospital, I would recommend that you phone NHS 111 for their advice. They may be able to advise you whether it does need emergency investigations or not -

  • Hi Mumtobe - please don't panic - I have this symptom from time to time - it is to do with the rheumatic side of Lupus. they look at me blankly when I talk of it. Just rest the hand and it will eventually go. I put Olbas oil on the hand or Biofreeze (Boots) or Tesco have Deep Freeze - eases the pain and not drugs into your sytem. If I get any info on it I will let you know, but do stress the severity of it to Doc. Good luck Cas

  • Hi Cas70

    Thank you for taking the time to reply!

    The pain seems to be coming and going so I feel a little more at ease today, plus I see my consultant later on. It's terrible and nothing eases it but i feel like some has a switch and the pain just stops as quick as it came on. I've been diagnosed for 17 years now but I'm experiencing new symptoms all the time

  • It must be so worrying being pregnant as well. My hand comes on with no warning and can last 24 hrs - very painful. I have concluded that there are so many different aches and pains it is frightening. I have taken advice from someone on this site who suggested a daily diary and my hairdresser is going to photograph my scalp on each visit so I can show proof of hair loss. I hope the consultation went well.

  • I've had the hair loss since I was diagnosed 17 years ago now, I could cry when I look at my pictures from my childhood and I have thick long hair, it's heartbreaking. I saw the new consultant who did a full examination explaining I had severe muscoskeletal aches but with being pregnant it made his job harder. I've had all my bloods done and my urine sample threw up leukocytes and blood traces so that's been sent away too!

  • How are you after your visit?

  • Hi Natura

    Still in agony but awaiting bloods as the consultant is new and although I have presented with 'severe muscoskeletal pain' he now has to decide how much of it is my SLE. So still no closer and in pain, I have been advised to take the hydrochloroquine however I was told that it can cause issues with baby from my GP who was a gynaecologist. So we shall see what comes back now


  • I am so sorry. I just whacked my finger when i was moving brick to work on my patio because I hate sitting around. The pain was so tremendous i cried immediately. Outright bawling like a baby. I put ice on it and prayed! I hope you can get some help. You and your baby are in my prayers!

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