Deep buttock pain

Hello all,

So yesterday and today I've had a terrible pain deep in the right buttock (literally feels like someone high fived me with a heavy boot!) When I woke up this morning my whole right thigh was numb. This afternoon it has spread to my left buttock as well. It's a solid bruised feeling kind of pain. Does this sound like bursitis or something else?

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  • Hello. I have that same pain.. it's could be your sciatica nerve. I know the pain. At times I will have it so bad in both cheeks and legs that I can barely walk. Ask your dr to check it out. Good luck and I hope you find some relief. Blessings

  • Hello Rhonda, this is definitely not sciatic nerve. I know that pain all too well! This is different and my legs feel really stiff as well but none of the shooting pains nerve pain brings. Oh well, a new week, a new problem. Seems to be how it goes!

  • I hope you find out what it is and have it taken care of. Lord knows we have enough to deal with. Like you said another week another problem. Blessings and gentle hugs.

  • Thanks Rhonda. With a bit of googling today I've become pretty sure it's ischiogluteal bursitis and today it has spread to the iliopsoas bursa on the inside of the groin as well and is extremely painful. I just CAN NOT be bothered going back to the gp! I've got myself some Voltaren Rapid (a strong anti-inflammatory pain relief) to see if I can ease it a bit. If it doesn't work then I'll have to do something more.

  • Hi 1985 mum

    Sorry to read of the pain your getting in buttock. If the pain is on the side of your hip and you can put your finger on the spot then it is bursitis. I have had a similar buttock pain that could be muscular. There's a tiny muscle near the hip and thigh called the Piriformis and it can be very painful when inflamed. Definitely worth having it checked by a doctor specially as your getting thigh numbness. Good luck. X

  • Ok thanks Misty. Looks like another trip to the gp *eye roll*. I think I'm in another nasty flare up. I seem to have pain everywhere today as well as bad vertigo and nausea. Bed day!!

  • Hi1985mum

    Hope you feel better soon. Can you take extra medication for your flare up?. Good luck for when you see your GP. X

  • Well that's the other side of the coin Misty. I'm still battling for my diagnosis so at present am not on any meds apart from what I can get over the counter!

  • Hi1985mum

    That's tough!. How close to a diagnosis are you?. Are you due to see a Consultant?. You can always try bringing the appointment forward. X

  • Yes I've got an appointment with a general specialist in 3 weeks time. I'm clinging to hope that he can point me in the right direction after speaking to his wife (also his receptionist) at length on the phone. All my fingers are crossed. Seriously, I don't know how much longer I can put up with feeling like this!

  • Hi1985mum

    Fingers tightly crossed for your appointmen t in 3 weeks. Why isn't it with a Rheumatologist?. You sure need treatment and advice. X

  • I've already had a dead end rheumy appointment and my gp is not overly cooperative and arguing my case to see a general specialist was easier than arguing why I should have a rheumy second opinion. Once I'm in with him hopefully he will refer me on to the right specialty depending on what he picks up. I'm pretty certain it will take me back down the rheumatology path though.

  • Hi 1985mum. I'm sorry your being put thru the mill trying to get a diagnosis!. So unfortunate the Rheumy didn't work out. There's no reason why a general specialist won't pick up auto-immune illness if he's a good one he will. Consultant referrals are quicker too if he sends you to a Rheumy. Hope a different one!. Have you thought about changing your GP?. You really need a supportive one as they are our gateway to so much. I know it's too much hassle when your ill but also a fresh mind can be good!. Let us know how you get on and I hope your feeling a little better. X

  • Hello Misty, yes I'm confident he will be able to help me, I have friends who have been to him and can testify he is very empathetic and on the ball.

    The medical system here 'down under' works a bit different to the uk i think, in that 99% of specialist visits are done privately so waiting times are dramatically shorter. The longest wait I've had yet is 10 weeks for a specialist so I can count myself lucky in that way.

    And I've been through 3 gps throughout this journey so far!

  • Hi 1985mum. Didn't realise your in Aus and how different it is. Glad this specialist comes well recommended. Hope you get answers, you certainly don't give up. X

  • Thanks Misty. You keep well too.

  • Hello. Sorry to hear that you are suffering with hip pain. I can totally understand.

    I had a hip arthroscopy in 2013 and have osteoarthritis in both hips and have been told I will need both replaced. Then in May this year, I started getting soreness and pain on / in my left hip. It got worse over 2 or 3 weeks. I sleep on my left and couldn't do that. The pain and the fact I couldn't lie on my left meant I couldn't sleep and was awake half the night. By the end I was getting shooting pains down my left leg and pain across my back and both hips. It was agony. Pain sitting. Pain standing. Pain when driving. Pain in bed even when resting. No pain relief worked.

    When I eventually got a GP appointment he diagnosed bursitis and gave me a steroid injection as close to the tenderest spot as possible. The injection was uncomfortable because of the pain & tenderness but it worked. Within 48 hours I was pain free. It's been about 8 weeks I think and it's wearing off now.

    I'm not sure your description is bursitis but I'm no doctor. I hope you get to see a GP or doctor who can make the correct diagnosis and offer some treatment very soon. Best wishes.

  • Thanks Wendy. The pain in my hip/buttock has subsided quite a bit today so obviously it was not any real deep seated (pardon the pun) inflammation. It'll be celebration day when I can put a name to all these weird things i have going on. And I seem to have picked up a gastro bug of some description yesterday so sore hips have taken back stage!! One thing after the other!

  • Lupus is a roller coaster ride for sure! You never know what the day will bring. I get diarrhoea with my lupus - lots of times I thought I was coming down with a bug but it wasn't. Oh joy.

  • You can never tell whats lupus and whats not! It could well be due to the inflammation. Extreme fatigue, diarrhea and mild temperature are what I've got. I get these all the time but I spose it makes it all the worse and feel like a gastro bug when they all hit at the same time. Time is the test i suppose, see if the rest of the family get it or not!


  • Hi1985mum

    Hope you feel better soon, nasty to have a bug or it could be Inflammatory bowel if it keeps happening and or Irritable Bowel which lupus makes us prone because of the inflammation and stress it gives us!. You might need to see a Gastroenterologist but it could be another way to get diagnosed. I've had similar symptoms and ended up after tests with a diagnosis of U.C as well!.

    Take careX

  • I have been under a gastro for the past 18 months on and off as part of the combined investigation effort and the only thing they have found so far is inflammation in the duodenum but no obvious cause. I personally think they found something by chance in beginning stages that will develop into UC or Crohns but only time will tell on that, like everything else.

  • Hi1985mum

    I hope you don't have anything that could develop into U.C or Crohns for your sake but it's good your being kept under review. This inflammation found must add up to something specially seeing how much your suffering. Fingers crossed you get answers, you deserve to for trying so hard!. X

  • Thanks Misty. I believe any inflammation with bleeding is significant and not to be ignored and I've learnt not to shy away from saying so. I too hope it never develops into anything but the gastro did say it was an unusual presentation, whatever that might mean!

    And I can't sit back with no answers or remedies because it's taking it's toll on the kids. It's not fair on them. They are what keep me going on this journey otherwise I would've given up long ago!

    Thanks for all your kind words.

  • Hi1985mum

    I totally agree with you about bleeding and inflammation, should never be ignored. Mine took a while to develop into U.C, initially presentedunusually like you!. Are you a single mum?. Must be really hard, hope you feel better today and keep us posted. X

  • Interesting Misty. Thanks for that bit of info.

    No I'm not a single mum, I have an incredibly supportive and almost too kind husband but it still shows when there is not the mother figure that 4 little kids need.

    And thankyou I am feeling a bit better this afternoon. I will definitely keep you posted with developments and no doubt I'll have plenty more questions to ask over time.😉

  • Hi1985mum

    It's still tough having 4 young kids and being ill but so glad you have a such a supportive husband. I look forward to seeing how you get on. X

  • 1985mum Sounds more like the Sciatic Nerve is pinched. It can hurt so much that you won't be able to walk, (in it's worst form). It starts off in the middle of your buttock and can literally travel all the way down to your ankle.

    You can get a partner to rub a knuckle into its source (buttock), and massage it away but failing that, you should seek out help from a trusted Chiropractor and Acupuncturist. GP's don't generally know how to treat it unless you are lucky enough to find a GP like I did who does all three.

    My mother suffered for three excruciating months while doctors came to give her pethadine and morphine injections. she couldn't walk unaided. Finally I said enough to my dad and took her to see this GP that I found. She had to be aided to walk in and by the time she was treated she walked out unaided for the first time in three months.

    She still had a few more treatments but with every treatment she improved until she no longer needed anymore treatments.

    Hope this helps you. Lol_el

  • Thanks Lori_el, sciatica is extremely painful and I am sorry for your mums experience. I get sciatica on and off as well due to bulging discs in lower back. The deep buttock pain I describe in the opening post is entirely different to this. It has gone without a trace now so obviously wasn't bursitis. Probably one of those things I'll never know quite what it was but I sure hope it never comes back!☺

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