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Elbow and arm pain

Am wondering if this is lupus related or im losing my mind perhaps??! My left elbow has been hurting for weeks now. Have been ignoring it. How can i go to doctor and say my elbow hurts??! But my whole arm has started hurting too and then theres the numbness in the arm and left leg. Tried booking appointment with rheumy but he is booked up for weeks and got a doc appointment for 2 weeks time!!! Aaarghhhh! But seriously, is elbow pain real? Or weird??! X

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Its strange isn't it. For the last week I have had severe Butt pain - now its gone and today I woke with searing elbow pain. No inflammation - just pain. I think Lupus travels around the body and hits wherever it likes then suddenly disappears - hence the difficulty in diagnosis/treatment.



Hi - I have RA rather than Lupus (with Lupus-like symptoms) but I can tell you that what you are describing sounds very like what I've had several times over the last few days. It is called Ulnar Nerve Entrapment and is caused by inflammation of the connective tissue affecting the nerve that passes through your elbow so could well be Lupus related. So not a strange or foolish thing to see your doctor about this at all!

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I often have elbow pains - for weeks at a time and then they go away for weeks at a time. Lupus seems to have unpredictable attacks on different parts of the body for no reason. The numbness could be a bit of spine attack and it could go away soon but it should be looked at.


I've had the pain in my elbow. Not nice. Even to touch my skin would hurt. It can be managed. My lupus acts up when I'm stressed. For me, pain in my elbow is a warning sign. Hopefully you'll get an appointment soon.


Went to my gp - he said my rheumy will probably tell me to go on steroids. Rheumy appointment tmrw.... really hoping that is not the only solution .. it all seems to be getting worse, over the years .. Thanks for all your advice x


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