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I have fibromyalgia,Lupus, SS. 6mths ago the pain in my muscles I was told was Fibro. The pain went in my elbow so after 4 mths I could lift so little due to elbow and muscle pain. I went to the doctors who said it was tennis elbow. He gave me a steroid injection but it didn't make much difference a little less stiffness maybe. He said to go to a physio he said I couldn't get NHS because of it being the end of the financial year. So £150 later it is not feeling any better I just have this feeling it is not tennis elbow. How can I get them to check for inflammation the pain is constant. In bed my elbow becomes so stiff and I can't even lye on that side. Does anyone else think this is my lupus/fibromyalgia. I can't afford to keep paying for nothing. Help.

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  • Hi Gilly. I have a very similar problem. My rheumy referred me to Occupational Therapy and they gave me elbow straps to wear and wrist splints. It might be worth asking if you can have an OT referral. They also came and did a home assessment and produced some useful bits of kit. As for physio I didn't find it much use but things may be different for you. It's the new financial year so try asking again. Was it your rheumy or your GP who raised the money issue? Good luck.

  • Hi Stephen, It was my gp who said they had no money. I think my surgery did have there own physio but ran out of money which I always thought would happen with this self funding idea and the hospital was at the end of financial year. I have an appointment next week with my Rheumy I had a phone call to say my bloods were showing something maybe that is what it is. So will see what he says. My doctors only ever look at the one picture thats the trouble, hence it puts me off going. I must admit I become week when I am with them and just become a yes person. Elbow straps sounds like what I could do with just so that everything I am doing doesnt cause more pain. The doctor said stop using my arm well that is never going to happen is it. I do get very bad joint pains but usually they flit from one place to another 6 months is a bit long really for me. I know everyone is different. Thanks for reply. Have a good day and hope you are well at the moment.

  • When I first became ill my main symptoms were joint and muscle pain. The GP said it was flu.

    Luckily as I hadn't had any bloods done for seven years the Dr said he would do some routine tests thats when they found my ESR and CPR (inflamation markers ) were raised. Hope this is of some help.

  • Hi Gilly, Have you tried acupuncture? I know it really worked for me with frozen shoulders and a useless arm that made it very difficult to anything. Anyway, if you gave it a try you would know the same day if it was going to help you or not, it is that fast. Good luck.

  • Hi, I agree with Chapter. I had the same problem for years and my GP suggested acupuncture and after 3 sessions I was good to go. I used to have the same problem once every three months but now it's been 8 months. Hope you get the treatment you deserve and take care.

  • could i ask what every thinks this is. are they right saying it is tennis elbow. Or is it a conbination of my usual joint and muscle pains. Thanks for everyones answers. Just would like to go and see my consultant next week with a little more confidence. x

  • Hi i have the same i ended up having 4 injections into elbow over a period of time kept getting told it will settle and was only aloud a max of 6 injection in a year, i have also got the strap for hospital and find it helps, I must say the last injection i had end of march seems to have worked but i have to be careful not to lift anything heavy or its aggravates it, my ESR is very high to they say it should be under 12 mine is always above 55 to 75,Also my GP gave me extra strong phorpain gel that helped to.

    Hope you get sorted soon.

  • Thanks for that, my Gp only gave me one injection and because it didn't seem to work wouldn't give me another. I will make a note on the gel your doctor gave you. Why is every thing such a fight. Thanks again every one. Have a good day. X

  • Just thought I would share what feel is a little bit of good news. I went on Thursday to see my consultant and told him about my painful elbow. He gave me another steroid injection(my Gp had already tried this it didn't work) it was a totally different experience, I knew from past experience this was a painful procedure and don't get me wrong it was, but it has helped so much. He said GPS don't do them very often and just don't know how to do them. Thank The Lord for my consultant. I am sitting here today with the brightest red cheeks which steroids give you and happy to have them just for some pain relief . Thanks all and have a good weekend. Xx

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